Adelaide vs North Melbourne Live TV Guide
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2021 AFL last round is 23 and the match is Adelaide vs North Melbourne. Slowly all the AFL premiership rounds had written their end. Now it’s time to close the last chapter. Through Adelaide vs North Melbourne match, the 2021 AFL tournament will be finished its journey.

Here we gathered all the information about the Adelaide vs North Melbourne match. We will talk about the match schedule, place, live stream, prediction, previews, and some other stuff that you might enjoy.

So, let’s get started.

When and where is the Adelaide vs North Melbourne?

Adelaide vs North Melbourne last face each other four-month ago in April. North Melbourne faced a huge loss that day. Adelaide won the game by 109-68 points. So, now North Melbourne will try their best to take revenge. The match will start at 6.40 UTC on Sunday, 22 August.

Adelaide is going to host the game in their hometown. So that’s gonna give them a bit of advantage. But, North Melbourne isn’t gonna give easily this time. This will be the finest clash of all time. The match will take place at the Adelaide Oval sports ground is located in North Adelaide, Australia.

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Adelaide vs North Melbourne Live Stream:

AFL tournament matches can be watched easily from anywhere you want. If you don’t know where to watch the game then here you got everything for you. Let’s see how to live stream Adelaide vs North Melbourne.

The match is available on both media, TV, and online platform. For TV channel live streaming, you could check out Channel 7. Channel 7 is the official broadcaster of the AFL tournament. Every one of the AFL matches will be shown here, just turn on the TV and enjoy. This won’t charge you a penny. You could also download Channel 7 apps on your mobile, computer, x-box, and different device.

And for the second option is online streaming. Some people consider online streaming more than traditional platforms. To watch the Adelaide vs North Melbourne match, you could go for Kayo Sports. There is no doubt that, Kayo is the best sports streaming apps in Australia. They have pretty much everything in their content. You could watch all the sports-related events by using Kayo.

Some unauthorized websites broadcast all the AFL matches. These sites are open to all. We don’t usually suggest them, but if any other doesn’t work then here are some websites that show the game-,


Adelaide and North Melbourne both are kinda same conditioned teams. That’s what makes them the best competitors of one another. Their previous matches’ history is also kinda same. In their last five matches, Adelaide lost four matches and win only one. The same case is with North Melbourne. They also lost four games and only see victory in one game. So, who will win in a match between these two, is hard to predict? But we give it a try anyway. Let’s see.

Adelaide’s disposal score is very poor than the Nort Melbourne. It’s 6977 in Adelaide courts and 7520 in NM courts. Adelaide didn’t do a good job at kicking the section either. Their points are 4103 when it’s 4515 on the NM board. In the field clearance division, Adelaide made 691 points and NM made 700 points. Adelaide is only better at tackles than NM. It’s 1124 in Adelaide teams and 1092 in NM teams.

These were some statistics and performance differences between the two teams. We calculate some other facts too and after all, examine, we could say that North Melbourne has a 65% chance to win the game when it’s 35% for Adelaide.


That was all about the Adelaide vs North Melbourne match. It’s the last match of the last round AFL tournament. So, don’t miss the game. Enjoy it with your friends and family. And if you wanna know anything else then let us know in the comment section.


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