AFL Grand Final 2021

AFL GF is here. Melbourne and Bulldogs will make the day glorious. One of them will go to the home with the trophy in hand. In this article, we will give you all the required information regarding the AFL Grand Final 2021.





Venue: Perth Optus Stadium

TV: Channel 7




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When and Where is the AFL Grand Final 2021 taking place?

AFL Grand Final is set to play on Saturday, September 25 at 7:15 pm AEST which is  5:15 pm AWST, and 6:45 pm ACST.

It’s the biggest day for the Australian football fans. Don’t miss it by any chance. Set a reminder on your phone and be ready to witness the world’s most exciting Aussie football match.

The 2021 AFL Grand Final will take place at the Perth Optus Stadium located in Burswood, Australia.

Tickets are available through Ticket Master apps. Adults’ tickets price started from 185 to 450 dollars. They are expecting a 60000+ crowd in the stadium. Covid-19 could be a risk but there will be some restrictions. So, don’t hesitate to buy the tickets and enjoy the grand final live in person.

How to Watch AFL Grand Final 2021 Live Stream Online?

Get ahead of the game and find out how to watch the AFL Grand Final on 7plus. If you’re planning to stream the Grand Final live, here’s what you need to know.

The AFL Grand Final live stream is available on Channel 7’s 7plus website and on Kayo Sports. The broadcast will start at 6.30 p.m (AEST) with the event set to kick off at 7:15 AEST.

Coverage on 7plus will be available in up to 720p HD, depending on the speed of your internet connection.

There are some other popular ways to live stream the Grand Final event. Let’s see,

Kayo Sports is the official live streaming partner of the AFL grand final. They are the biggest streaming platform in Australia. With the help of Kayo Sports, you could watch the match replays. All other matches replays are available here as well. Live streaming also offers some other advantages that aren’t available on TV. So, don’t bother to watch the game with Kayo Sports.

How to watch AFL Grand Final Live on TV?

AFL Grand Final 2021 will be broadcast live on Channel 7 from 7 pm (AEST). Channel Seven’s coverage will start at 10 am AEST with the AFL Armchair Experts on Saturday 25th of September. We’ll then build-up to the match with the Grand Final Preview. The match broadcast will begin at 6.15 pm AEST. Out broadcast will conclude at approximately 11.30 pm AEST.

  • You must have a 7plus account to stream via the website or app. Don’t worry, they are free to set up.

Channel 7 Broadcast Schedule:

Time (AEST)


10:00 amArmchair Experts
12:00 pmRoad to the Grand Final
2:00 pmAFL Grand Final – Pre-Game
5:45 pmSeven News
6:15 pmAFL Grand Final: Pre-Match Entertainment
7:15 pmAFL Grand Final: Melbourne vs Bulldogs
10:30 pmAFL Grand Final: Post Game


AFL GF 2021 brings Melbourne and Bulldogs on the field for the final countdown. Fans of Melbourne and Bulldogs are waiting for the kick-off. Then the last run of the 2021 Premiership will come to an end. Both teams are at their best right now. No will go easy on another. Both teams want to bring the trophy home.

But Melbourne cherishes much more appetite for the trophy than Bulldogs does. The Devils waiting for 57 years for the premiership cup. Just a last match and Melbourne will achieve their so long desired cup. And the Bulldogs won their last AFL grand final in 2016.

Both team player is in very good health. They are all excited to become part of the biggest night. Sadly, Gardner won’t be able to play for the Bulldogs on Grand Final night cause he already played in three final matches. Melbourne vs Bulldogs match total takes place for 169 times where Melbourne won 89 times and Bulldogs won 79 times, 1 time it was a draw. This Melbourne is likely to plus their victory once again.

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AFL Grand Final is Melbourne vs Bulldogs match. Both are very much best with all attacking and defense. Who will win the match is very hard to find out. Here we applied mathematical and scientific analysis on the Melbourne and Bulldogs teams’ performance. So, we have a possible winner of the AFL Grand Final. Let’s see who is that,

The Bulldogs total disposals point is 8287 where the Demons made 8100 points. The Bulldogs total kicks point is 4687 and the Demons kick point is 4822. Bulldogs take a total of 437 free kicks and the Melbourne takes 425 free kicks. Bulldogs are good at clearance, their clearance point is 869 and the Melbourne clearance amount is 803. But Melbourne is good at tackling than Bulldogs, their point is 1383-1268.

Melbourne is a favourite team by all critics and analysts. In the past, Melbourne won much more times than the Bulldogs. So, Melbourne has a better chance of winning the game over the Bulldogs.


The Toyota AFL Premiership game started a long time ago. Lots of weeks have passed. Many teams came, entertain the fans. And they went home. And finally two teams in Melbourne and Bulldogs. They will raise the flag in AFL Grand Final 2021.

One will remain in history as the winner. After that, they will start the postseason but the influence of the game will remain for a long time. Very much looking forward to the final match. Hope you find what you were looking for. If anything else you wanna know then let us know in the comment box.


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