Best and Fairest to lead the Western Ravens

Sam Bramwell has etched her name into the history books once again, as she was announced as the inaugural captain of the Western Ravens.

Bramwell was named the first Best and Fairest winner of the Women’s Premiership following an outstanding season in 2021.

Bramwell was consistent all throughout the season and was the driving force in the Bulldogs Grand Final victory.

Featured Gameplay
Featured Gameplay

Fast on her feet, Bramwell plays in the midfield and positions herself well to get her hands on a lot of the football.

Sam fell in love with footy when she relocated to Melbourne after graduating University and joined Old Camberwell Grammar.

“I’d never properly watched a game so really had no idea what to expect – but fell in love with the sport fairly quickly! The club was so welcoming, and we immediately felt like part of the Wellers family (and still do!).”

Sam is looking forward to another good season in 2023 and will be striving hard to lead the Ravens to their first Premiership.

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