Brownlow Medal 2021 Date Time How to Live Stream
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Today in this article we will give you all the required information regarding the ‘Brownlow Medal 2021’, the highest individual honor in the AFL. Every year Brownlow award is given to the fairest at the same time the best player who really deserves the medal.





Venue: Perth at Perth stadium

TV Channel: Channel 7





How to Watch

Also in this season I mean in this year (2021), this precious and prestigious Brownlow award ceremony will be arranged.

To know who the nominees are and where and when the ceremony will begin check it out and scroll it down. Because we are going to discuss this in this article.

So, without any further discussion let’s jump into the main point:

Nominees for the Brownlow Medal 2021:

Following past years, there can be announced 4 leading candidates for the 2021 Brownlow Medal. They are:

  • Marcus Bontempelli
  • Clayton Oliver
  • Sam Walsh
  • Ollie Wines

Where and When the Brownlow Medal 2021 ceremony will take place?

The AFL has on Wednesday announced the 2021 Brownlow Medal Count will commence at 5:30 pm AWST / 7:30 pm AEST on Sunday, September 19. In a traditional way, the Brown Law Medal Ceremony takes place on the Monday night before the AFL Grand Final Day.

The AFL has not yet even confirmed the official date of the Brownlow medal ceremony 2021. But in a common way every year it was arranged on the Monday of AFL Grand Final week. It is now hoping that, with the AFL Grand Final to be played in Perth on September 25, the Brownlow Medal ceremony can be hosted on Sunday, September 29, or Monday, September 20.

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How to Live Stream Brownlow Medal 2021?

Channel 7 broadcast the Brownlow Medal ceremony every year usually and is set to start at 7 pm (AEDT). This broadcast varies state by state, so make sure to check local guides. Channel 7 is the only way to watch the Brownlow Medal live.


Who do you guys think will win? In this section, we are going to predict the AFL Brownlow medal winner for the 2021 AFL season. Let’s check this out.

Our top 10 Brownlow predictions for this year 2021 are:

  1. Touk Miller – 21 votes
  2. Travis Book – 22 votes
  3. Jack Macrae – 24 votes
  4. Sam Walsh – 26 votes
  5. Christian Petracca – 27 votes
  6. Darcy Parish – 27 votes
  7. Tom Mitchel – 28 votes
  8. Ollie Wines – 29 votes
  9. Clayton Oliver – 31 votes
  10. Marcus Bontempelli – 33 votes


This is all for today’s article. As we mentioned before AFL has not declared a proper timetable or place or nominees also so it has been a little tough for us to let you know about Brownlow Medal 2021.

But we have tried our best to provide some information and answer your desired question by researching. To know the accurate and full information in detail especially the time and place, please be with us.

We will let you know soon once after AFL’s declaration. Hope you guys be helped a little through our today’s article till the full declaration of AFL.


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