Bulldogs vs Essendon
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AFL Round 21 tournament are now underway. All the best teams are making their appearance on the board. And the legendary team Essendon is here too. Their upcoming match is against the Western Bulldogs. Here we cover all the information about the match date, time, venue, prediction and where to live stream Bulldogs vs Essendon. Let’s explore everything.

Western Bulldogs vs Essendon Bombers Date and Time:

The Western Bulldogs boys are gonna face Essendon Bombers this Sunday on August 8, 2021. The match will kick off at 3 PM AEST.

The battle between these two teams was early scheduled to play on Friday. It got cancelled because of a last-minute fixture change. Anyway, now the game is on and players are ready to engage in the action.

Bulldogs vs Essendon Venue:

Bulldogs vs Bomber match is gonna take place at the Marvel Stadium located at Docklands, Australia.

The venue has the capacity to hold 60,000+ audiences. But unfortunately, this massive gathering isn’t allowed now cause of the Covid-19 situation. Though the community is allowing some viewers for the game night. Tickets are available online.

How to Live Stream Western Bulldogs vs Essendon Bombers?

All the AFL are now eagerly waiting for the 21 round match between Bulldogs vs Bombers. At first, the game was fixed on 20 rounds but got changed at the last moment. Due to this cause, it changed their timetable too. Anyway, now everything is back on track again and both teams are ready for the battle.

If you are searching for a place to live stream the match then you are right place. Here we got all the information on how to watch Western Bulldogs vs Essendon Bombers. Let’s see.

The official broadcaster of this event is Channel 7. Channel 7 is an Australia based commercial-free TV channel. They broadcast all kinda shows for the fans and obviously, including the sports. For the AFL fans, they will show the whole match live on TV. They also have an online streaming option. You could download the Channel 7 apps on PC, laptop, X-Box or mobile to watch the event. And as the game isn’t paid per view you don’t have to pay any money. Just make sure your cable line is fine and you are good to go.

There are some unregistered online streaming websites available too where you can watch all AFL events. The Bulldogs vs Bombers match will be shown on their site too. It’s not the best place to stream the game and neither is our first suggestion but if don’t have a cable line then this could be helpful. Visit afl-stream.com, watchafl.com to enjoy the entire match.

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Some people crazy fans think there is no need to predict something between the Bulldogs vs Bombers match. Cause everyone knows that Essendon is now the best AFL team in the whole of Australia. They are the king and the dominator of AFL now. Every team fears to stand before them cause Bombers players do really through bombs to their opponents. But this time the clash is in favour of Western boys. Let’s see how.

We all know that Essendon players line up and their defence is system is the best in the history of AFL. They can hold anything that tries to enter into their nest. But recently the Bulldogs upgraded their attacking and their past match history suggest that it could break the wall of Bombers. What will happen in the match is still unknown and that’s the most exciting thing.

Essendon could easily win the game against the Bulldogs but one of the best players of Essendon like captain Dyson Heppell, Kyle Langford isn’t gonna participate in that event. So, the bombers will have to try a bit harder. On the other hand, Bulldogs midfielder Adam Treloar will make his reentry in this match.

After examining everything, analysts suggest that Bulldogs could win the game by 23 points.


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