Melbourne Demons vs North Melbourne

North Melbourne will play against Melbourne Demons on 21st May at the Marvel Stadium. We will talk about when, where, and how to watch TV North Melbourne vs Melbourne, along with predictions.

Watch on Channel 7 From Here

Melbourne finishes the ninth round of the AFL tournament with a massive win over the West Coast. They are still on their winning verse, and the Demons are ready to keep that record at any cost. Round 10 will be another game for the Demons to add one more victory to their winning list.

When and Where is Melbourne Demons. vs North Melbourne Kangaroos?

Melbourne vs North Melbourne match is set to play on Saturday, May 21 at 4.35 PM.

The match will take place at the Marvel Stadium.

Demons vs. Kangaroos Prediction:

Melbourne Demons is at their 9 consecutive wins. Nine teams of AFL failed to stop the Demon’s attack. They are ranked the number one on the leaderboard. On the other hand, North Melbourne is just a few points ahead of the bottommost team, positioning second from the bottom.

Let’s look at both team conditions, which will give us a clearer idea for predicting.

Kangaroos disposals point is currently 2583, and Melbourne’s point is 3459. Kangaroos’ clearance on the field is 285, and Demons’ clearance is 321. North Melbourne’s tackling rate is 418, where Demons’ total tackling rate is 459.

Odds are in support of the Melbourne Demons.

How to Watch Melbourne vs North Melbourne on TV and Live Stream?

The official broadcaster of Melbourne vs North Melbourne is Channel 7 on TV. Channel 7 is an Australia-based commercial-free TV channel. They broadcast all kinds of shows for the fans, including sports. For the AFL fans, they will show the whole match live on TV. They also have an online streaming option. And as the game isn’t paid per view, you don’t have to pay any money. Just make sure your cable line is fine, and you are good to go.

And for the live stream, the game will be available on Kayo Sports. Fans from all around Australia can live stream the match with Kayo Sports.

Fox Sports is in charge of broadcasting AFL matches on the USA ground. The game will be available on the Fox Sports TV channel, and the HD version of Fox Sports will broadcast the live stream of Melbourne vs North Melbourne.

TSN is the most popular channel in Canada. They host all the sports and entertainment shows in Canada. All the matches AFL are available on TSN.

The Demons vs Kangaroos match will be shown on some unauthorized sites too. It’s not the best place to stream, but if you don’t have a cable line, this could be helpful. Visit AFL-stream(Dot)com, watchful(Dot)com to enjoy the entire match.


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