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Many weeks have been past and many things have changed, turn around, lose and win, defeat and conquer in the ongoing season of AFL. Here we prepared an article on Melbourne vs Adelaide match. We will talk about the match schedule, how to live stream, match prediction and some other facts. So, let’s start.

The whole season match is very important for all the teams. This will have a huge impact on the AFL upcoming contest.

Now, the AFL is in weeks 22-23. In that pact, one of the most important fans favourite match is Melbourne Demons vs Adelaide Crows. These two are some of the most significant teams in the Australian Football League. And there is always been a heavy cold war exists between Demons and Crows. Both teams fought before with each other several times. And the point is still pretty some same. So, the thrill, rivalry and excitement never leave in Melbourne vs Adelaide match.

Both teams are now ready to face each other once again. The clock is ticking and in no time the Demons and Crows will begin their fight.

Melbourne vs Adelaide: When and where?

The Demons and Crows have prepared themselves very well over the last few weeks. Both team players are ready to give their best on the field. They face each other for weeks 22-23 match on August 15, 2021, Sunday at 2.10 PM AEDT

Put an alarm reminder on your phone so that you don’t forget about the match.

The Melbourne vs Adelaide match will be hosted by East Melbourne. The match will take place at the Melbourne Cricket Stadium, located in East Melbourne, Australia.

If you live nearby then could enjoy the game live from the stadium. Because of the Covid-19 situation, there will some restrictions and less audience but still, enjoying a match from the stadium is a very amazing experience.

How can you Live Stream Melbourne vs Adelaide?

Everyone eyes are now on the Melbourne vs Adelaide match. The match will be broadcast online and on a TV channel. Let’s find out where to watch this game.

The Melbourne vs Adelaide live stream is officially available on Channel 7. Channel 7 is an Australia based commercial-free TV channel. They broadcast all kinda shows for the fans and obviously, including the sports. For the AFL fans, they will show the whole match live on TV. They also have an online streaming option. You could download the Channel 7 apps on PC, laptop, X-Box or mobile to watch the event.

You could also watch the game with Kayo Sports. All the matches of AFL Toyota Premiership matches can be watched through Kayo Sports. This is the most popular streaming site in Australia, and have all the sports content with replays.

There are some unregistered online streaming websites available too where you can watch all AFL events. The Demons vs Crows match will be shown on this site too. It’s not the best place to stream the game and neither is our first suggestion but if don’t have a cable line then this could be helpful. Visit, to enjoy the entire match.

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Predicting is always a hard job. But with the right ways and correct calculation, we could call a figure which will show who has the most winning chance in this match. So, let’s take a look at our two teams Melbourne and Adelaide and find out the possible outcome of this match.

The Crows and Demons have faced each other many times. In their last match in round 10 of the AFL 2021 season, the Crows won the game by 96-95 points. In their last five matches with each other, the Crows won 2 times and the Demons won 3 times.

In the last five matches of Melbourne Demons were pretty good. They won three of them, one draw and one loss. Their performance was very good too. But the Demons defence is a bit weak than their regular defence system, this will put the Crows at an advantage. The Demons have another weak part that, Jayden Hunt won’t play for injuries.

On the other hand, the Crows last five matches performance don’t suggest a good condition. They lose four of them and won only one. They also have to make three changes because of player injury. And Adelaide both defence and attack is weaker than Melbourne.

After calculating these and some other facts the sports analyst suggest that Melbourne 80% winning chance over Adelaide.


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