Melbourne Demons vs Brisbane Lions
Photo: Brisbane Lions

After the preseason, AFL now reaches its quarterfinals. In the first match of the quarterfinal, Adelaide vs Geelong just finished. The Port won against Geelong to clear their path to the semifinals. Here, we create an article on the Melbourne vs Brisbane match. Here we will talk about the match schedule, place, where to live stream, prediction, previews, and some other facts that you may enjoy.

The third match of the AFL quarterfinals is between Melbourne Demons and Brisbane Lions. Both are very good to break down their opponents on the field. And none of the team will leave the semifinals position easily. So it’s going to be a fighting match.

When is the Melbourne vs Brisbane match?

Melbourne Demons last face Brisbane Lions in April at the very begging of the AGL preseason tournament. That time Demons won the game over the Lions. But now the Lions went through a lot. And they are one of the most powerful teams in AFL. Time will say who will win the game. The game will take place on Sunday, August 28 at 9.30 UTC.

Where is the Demons vs Lions match?

Melbourne will host the game at their hometown for both of the teams. They will try their best not to lose the game on their mother’s ground. But Brisbane is committed to taking revenge for the last time lose. The game will take place at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) located in Melbourne, Australia.

How to Live Stream Melbourne Demon vs Brisbane Lions match?

  • TV Channel: Channel 7
  • Live Stream: Kayo Sports and Fox Footy

One of the two best teams in AFL is Melbourne and Brisbane. On August 28 they will face each other for the quarterfinal match. Let’s find out where to watch the game.

Channel 7 will broadcast the whole event for the AFL fans. It’s an Australia-based commercial-free TV channel. They broadcast all kinda shows for the fans and obviously, including the sports. For the AFL fans, they will show the whole match live on TV. They also have an online streaming option. You could download the Channel 7 apps on PC, laptop, X-Box, or mobile to watch the event.

You could also watch the game with Kayo Sports. All the matches of AFL Toyota Premiership matches can be watched through Kayo Sports. This is the most popular streaming site in Australia and has all the sports content with replays.

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There are some unregistered online streaming websites available too where you can watch all AFL events. The Demons vs Lions match will be shown on this site too. It’s not the best place to stream the game and neither is our first suggestion but if don’t have a cable line then this could be helpful. Visit, to enjoy the entire match.


Both teams’ players are familiar with the opponent’s players playing style. Demons know how difficult it is to play against the Lions. The Lions know how tough the Demons can be sometimes. So, the game will be full of excitement and twisting. And here is our prediction about the upcoming game, Brisbane vs West Coast.

The Lion’s total disposals point is 7747 where the Demons made 8100 points. The Brisbane total kicks point is 4983 and the Demons kick point is 4822.  Brisbane takes a total of 448 free kicks and the Melbourne takes 425 free kicks. Brisbane is good at clearance, their clearance point is 865 and the Melbourne clearance amount is 803. But Melbourne is good at tackling than Brisbane, their point is 1383-1302.

Through both teams’ activity and status, we could say that Melbourne winning chance is 60% where it’s 40% for Brisbane.


That was everything about the game. Enjoy the match with your friends and family. If you wanna know anything else then let us know in the comment box. And don’t forget to pray for your favorite team, hope you find your favorite team in the final too.


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