St Kilda vs Fremantle
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Toyota AFL Premiership League tournament has now reached its last round. Soon the flag of 23 rounds will be air with St Kilda vs Fremantle match. In the rounds of 23 weeks, we have all the glorious teams like Bulldogs, Melbourne, Essendon, Richmond, etc. After this, the final count down of this season will begin and teams will face their new destination.

Here we gathered all the information about the upcoming AFL match St Kilda vs Fremantle. We will talk about the match schedule, where to live stream, match prediction and some other fact that might enjoy.

So, let’s get started.

When and Where is St Kilda vs Fremantle?

St Kilda and Fremantle have always been the two most favorite teams in AFL. Both teams played like fire and destroy their opponent like playing against the toy. Seeing these two great opponents against each other will be a heavy experience. And we will get see the match on 21 August, Saturday at 2.00 UTC

Don’t forget the time, be ready for one of the greatest fights of AFL.

St Kilda vs Fremantle is set to take place at the Marvel Stadium located in Docklands, Australia.

The stadium was previously called the Docklands Stadium. But now because of the sponsor issue, it’s turned into a Marvel Stadium. It’s mainly organized Australian Football League matches. If you are from AU or live nearby the city them you could enjoy the game live in person. Tickets are available on the AFL official website.

Where to live steam St Kilda vs Fremantle?

St Kilda vs Fremantle is the upcoming match of AFL 2021 23 rounds. The match will be broadcast online and on a TV channel.

Let’s find out where to watch this game.

St Kilda vs Fremantle live stream is available on Channel 7. Channel 7 is an Australia-based commercial-free TV channel. For the AFL fans, they will show the whole match live on TV. They also have an online streaming option. You could download the Channel 7 apps on PC, laptop, X-Box, or mobile to watch the event.

You could also watch the game with Kayo Sports. All the matches of AFL Toyota Premiership matches can be watched through Kayo Sports. This is the most popular streaming site in Australia and has all the sports content with replays.

There are some unregistered online streaming websites available too where you can watch all AFL events. The St Kilda vs Fremantle match will be shown on this site too. It’s not the best place to stream the game and neither is our first suggestion but if don’t have a cable line then this could be helpful. Visit, to enjoy the entire match.

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No doubt, predicting a match is a very rough and tough job, and damn it takes a lot of time. You must wonder how we predict a game. It’s an easy job but requires time, experienced, and effects. First, you have to collect both teams’ previous history, their performance, team players’ activity, status, and a few other staff. And then through calculating we can call a number which will show us, who has the better chance to win the game. Let’s see.

Both St Kilda and Fremantle teams are very good. Both had a good run in all the previous matches of AFL. Team STK’s total disposal is 7740, where the Fremantle point is 7134. The STK takes a total of 4677 kicks and Fremantle takes 4138. SKT clearness rate is 737 and Fremantle rate isĀ  714. In the tackles, the SKT’s point is 1294, and Fremantle’s tackles point way down than STK, it’s 960.

In all the sectors, St Kilda has shown a better performance than Fremantle. So, there is a very slight chance for Fremantle to win the game, St Kilda has an enormous chance to win the game. Now you know, where to bet your money.


St Kilda and Fremantle have met each other before for several times. In their last match, Fremantle won the game by 79-73 points. So, STK will try its best to take revenge. That’s going to be an amazing match, hope you will like it. And if you still wanna know anything else about the game then let us know in the comment box.


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