How to Watch AFL on 7Plus

You can enjoy AFL season in 7 Plus. It is now available on 7plus for select connected TVs, set-top boxes, and gaming consoles in 1080p HD.

AFL 2023 season is here, and Channel 7 has the official rights to telecast the tournament on their platform. Here we’ve discussed how to watch AFL games on 7 plus. Keep reading!

Watch AFL Online Here

Watching the AFL on Channel 7 in Australia

Not many channels will broadcast the AFL 2023. If you’re looking for a TV channel to watch the AFL series, then Channel 7 is the perfect option for you.  They have the official rights to telecast the AFL games every week.

You can find Channel 7 on your digital TV, if you can’t find it, then contact your cable provider and ask them to add it to your list before the season starts.

With Channel &, you can enjoy the game in high definition. Not only live action, but you can also watch the replays and exclusive footage as well.

AFL Stream Online With 7Plus

Channel 7 is one of the largest and most popular platforms in Australia. So they have an available option to live stream AFL as well.

In addition to live streaming sporting events, documentaries, movies, and television shows, Seven Network also offers recorded on-demand entertainment.You can also watch the AFL grand final on Channel Seven’s streaming service 7 plus.

You don’t have to worry, as the 7 plus service is compatible with almost all smart devices. Samsung TV, Apple TV, Android TV, and Google TV are compatible with it. Even you can watch it on your PlayStation and smartphone as well.

You just need to download the app and set up an account for free.

7Plus Subscription Guide

By following these steps, you can subscribe to 7Plus’s sports programming:

Step 1 – Download and install the 7 plus app on your preferred device, or you can visit their website as well.

How to Watch AFL Live For Free

Step 2 – After entering their app/ website, you will require an account in order to proceed. You can do so by creating an account with information.

Step 3 – Now, you have to choose a subscription package and enjoy the game.


7 plus is one of the top apps to watch the AFL 2023 season. As it is compatible with so many devices, you can easily watch it on your preferred devices. Get live action and replays by logging into the app. In this article on how to watch AFL games on 7 plus, we cover all the detail. Enjoy the game!


Is 7Plus available outside Australia?

No, this is an Australian-based platform. Due to regional restrictions, you can’t watch it outside Australia.

Can I download the 7plus app for free?

The app is completely free to download also with variety of other shows available you can enjoy a lot of quality time. 

How do I install 7+ apps on my TV?

On your TV, you can download the app as it is compatible with Android and Apple TV. Just search for the app in the play store/app store and download it from there.

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