Australian Senior League Championship Baseball in 2022
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The 2022 Australian Senior League Championship Baseball is just a few hours away from starting its new season. All the teams have reached the venue for their competition at the most prestigious senior baseball tournament.

Fans are excited to see how their favorite team players perform on the championship field. We will talk about when, where, schedule, live stream, and how to watch the 2022 Australian Senior League Baseball Championship on TV and previews.


Australian Senior League Championship 2022 tournament is ready to start its game. Everything was set about the tournament, how, when, and where the tournament took place. But not every time things go on as we plan. Before the tournament was about to start, the baseball board had to make a difficult decision.

At first, it was set that the Australia Senior League Baseball would take place at the Mandurah at Lakelands Park. The problem of getting permission to enter Western Australia was still on the line when the baseball senior tournament board decided to organize the tournament at the Mandurah.

Well, they must have thought of the problem. And the solution was there too. Western Australia’s government previously said that they would reduce the restriction on entry from February. As the Covid-19 pandemic was almost gone, Western Australia was ready to open the border.

So, hosting the Senior League Baseball in Western Australia wouldn’t be a problem. But unfortunately, a variant of covid-19 appeared at the beginning of 2022. The omicron virus was far more dangerous than Covid-19’s first variant.

Now cause of the Covid-19 Omicron variant, Western Australia decided not to open the board, and they won’t allow the public gathering tournament. They took the decision just a few days before the start of the tournament.

Now the club had to make a hard decision. They finally decided to host the game at the Geelong. The first 2022 Australian Senior League Championship Baseball game will be between A Carine Cats vs. Cronulla.

Australian Senior League Baseball 2022 Schedule:

The tournament is set to play from Friday 13 May to Tuesday 17 May at the Geelong.

From May 13 to May 15 team will play the round matches.

SF1 1A v 2B, CG1 3A v 4B, SF2 1B v 2A, and CG2 3B v 4A matches will take place on May 16.

And on May 17, BRONZE LSF1 v LSF2, 7TH LCG1 v LCG2, GOLD WSF1 v WSF2, and 5TH WCG1 v WCG2 matches will be played.

How to Watch the Australian Senior League Baseball Championship on TV and Online in 2022?

Kayo Sports has increased their deal with the Australian Senior League Baseball Championship. They will host all the matches of the tournament. It’s the biggest live streaming platform in Australia. Fans can use YouTube to watch the tournament. They can also use the official website of the Senior League Championship to live stream the tournament.

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