Return of the Little League World Series. Described all the information about the LLWS 2021.
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Little League World Series 2021 is back again on the track after one year.

With some restrictions on the field, the baseball community has decided to organize Little League Baseball World Series 2021. The tournament will start on August 19. But because of the restrictions, there will be some changes.

Here we made an article on Little League World Series 2021. Here we talked about tournament previews, schedule, where to live stream, TV Channel, and some other facts.

So, grab the information you need.

The LLWS 2021 Preview:

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic situation, the Little League World Series didn’t take place last year. It was a very hard time and the good thing is, now we kinda overcome that bad situation. As the situation is quite stable now, American Baseball permits to organize the LLWS 2021.

It’s great news for American teams but the international baseball community will have to stay in the dark for more days. Cause this time international team is allowed for the tournament. Only USA-based teams will join in the contest.

A total of 16 teams will attend this tournament. This time the many USA baseball teams will have the opportunity to experience the international stage.

The LLWS board select 16 teams from the last 8 regional tournaments. They chose two top teams from those tournaments. This regional tournament took place between July to August.

There is bad news for the fans too. On 13 August, they said to tickets will be sell. Cause, this time it will be an audience-free stadium. Everyone has to enjoy them through the TV screen.

The game will long 10 days. It will start on 19 August and will come to an end on 29 August.

This time California is the most favorite team. They had a nice journey since the beginning of this season. Now they are targeting for 2021 LLWS trophy.

Little League World Series 2021 Schedule:

Here is the complete TV schedule with start times and TV channels for each game.

Thursday, August 19

Game Matchup Time (ET) TV Channel
1 Hawaii vs Connecticut 1 p.m ESPN
2 Tennessee vs Ohio 3 p.m ESPN
3 Nebraska vs New Jersey 5 p.m ESPN
4 New Hampshire vs California 7 p.m ESPN

Friday, August 20

Game Matchup Time (ET) TV Channel
5 Pennsylvania vs Oregon 1 p.m ESPN
6 Michigan vs Florida 3 p.m ESPN
7 Louisiana vs South Dakota 5 p.m ESPN
8 Washington vs Texas 7 p.m ESPN2

Saturday, August 21

Game Matchup Time (ET) TV Channel
9 Loser 2 vs Loser 4 1 p.m ESPN
10 Loser 1 vs Loser 3 3 p.m ABC
11 Loser 6 vs Loser 8 6 p.m ESPN
12 Loser 5 vs Loser 7 8 p.m ESPN

Sunday, August 22

Game Matchup Time (ET) TV Channel
13 Winner 2 vs Winner 4 9 a.m ESPN
14 Winner 1 vs Winner 3 11 a.m ESPN
15 Winner 6 vs Winner 8 1 p.m ESPN
16 Winner 5 vs Winner 7 2 p.m ABC

Monday, August 23

Game Matchup Time (ET) TV Channel
17 Loser 15 vs Winner 10 1 p.m ESPN
18 Loser 16 vs Winner 9 3 p.m ESPN
19 Winner 12 vs Loser 13 5 p.m ESPN2
20 Winner 11 vs Loser 14 7 p.m ESPN2

Tuesday, August 24

Game Matchup Time (ET) TV Channel
21 Winner 18 vs Winner 19 3 p.m ESPN
22 Winner 17 vs Winner 20 7:30 p.m ESPN

Wednesday, August 25

Game Matchup Time (ET) TV Channel
23 Winner 13 vs Winner 16 3 p.m ESPN
24 Winner 14 vs Winner 15 7:30 p.m ESPN

Thursday, August 26

Game Matchup Time (ET) TV Channel
25 Loser 24 vs Winner 22 3 p.m ESPN
26 Loser 23 vs Winner 21 7 p.m ESPN

Saturday, August 28

Game Matchup Time (ET) TV Channel
27 Winner 23 vs Winner 26 12:30 p.m ABC
28 Winner 24 vs Winner 25 3:30 p.m ABC

Sunday, August 29

Game Matchup Time (ET) TV Channel
29 (Consolation) Loser 27 vs Loser 28 10 a.m ESPN
30 (Final) Winner 27 vs Winner 28 3 p.m ABC

How to Watch Little League World Series on TV:

  1. ESPN, ESPN2
  2. ABC

Watching Little League World Series 2021 with a TV channel is an easy job. You need to do anything about it. Just sit down, open your TV and there is the game on the screen.

To watch the game with tv channel you have three options.

  1. First, watch the tournament on ESPN. It’s the most popular TV cable network in the whole world. They have a vast broadcasting area range and air all sorts of sports.
  2. Secondly, you can choose ESPN2 for watching LLWS. It’s an affiliate site of ESPN.
  3. And lastly, we have the American Broadcasting Company, in short, ABC channel. They are one of the most popular broadcasting channels in America. Air all sorts of content. They will broadcast the Little League World Series 2021 too.

How to Live Stream Little League World Series 2021?

  1. ESPN+
  2. Fubo TV

To live stream Little League World Series you could take ESPN+ help. It’s the online version of ESPN, ESPN 2, ESPN News, or ESPNU. Everything that airs on the ESPN network channel can be watched with ESPN+. You could watch the whole game of LLWS with ESPN+.

To use, ESPN+ you need to put your cable ID in it. If you don’t use a cable line, then you need to buy the ESPN+ subscription, this will cost you, 6.99 dollars per month.

Our second suggestion to you for the LLWS 2021 live streaming is to use the FuboTV service.

FuboTV is an America-based streaming site, that broadcasts all kinds of sports and entertainment-related programs. With the subscription of FuboTV, you could live stream all sorts of sports. They broadcast NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, MLS, international soccer, football, cricket, boxing, and all the sports and including baseball tournaments. You can watch all the LLWS 2021 matches on FuboTV.

Fubo TV is not the only one to help you out with streaming. You can also the tournament on Sling TV, Hulu with Live TV, YouTube TV. But Fubo is the best among all the streaming sites.

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Though there will be no international team on the field the game has surely created crazes in the hearts of fans. Everyone is very much optimistic about the tournament.

Hope you got all the information you were searching for. Yet, if you wanna something else then let us know in the comment section.


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