When it comes to sports, it’s important to know the differences between softball and baseball. Softballs and baseballs are two of the oldest ball types used in sports. In this article, we’ll talk about why softballs are bigger than baseballs.

Is Softball Bigger Than Baseball?

Softball has been around for over 100 years and is bigger than baseball. Softball is played with a large ball, and players use their hands, bats, and balls to hit around a rubber disk past a catcher. On the other hand, baseball is played with a softball, and players use their bats and balls to hit a round object past the pitcher. Softball also has more player positions which makes the game more fun. Baseball is great too, but softball is bigger!

Why Are Softballs Bigger Than Baseballs?

The simple answer is that softballs were not bigger than baseballs. However, when the game was originally invented, it was called indoor baseball. So even though the balls were the same size as baseballs, the games and balls looked very different. The game was played on a basketball-sized court with five players.

Historical Factors

Although some people believe that softball was invented in 1887 by George Hancock, others say that it came from an old English game called “rounders.” Either way, the earliest days of softball were closely associated with baseball. Softballs were originally called “indoor baseballs” because they were designed to be played inside large buildings like gymnasiums and warehouses. The softballs of the 1890s were smaller than softballs today but were still larger than baseballs.

Manufacturing Factors

Despite their association with baseball, softballs have always existed separately as their sport. Manufacturers had to create ball-making machines that could spit out bigger balls than normal. Over time, these machines became more sophisticated and produced even larger balls. It wasn’t until the 1960s that manufacturers began making machines that could produce baseballs and softballs of the same size.

Recreation and Leisure Factors

Sports commentators point out that softball has always been considered a less competitive sport than baseball. It’s typically an amateur game played for fun at parties or picnics. Softball tends to be more popular than baseball among women and children due to its slower pace and a higher level of contact between players (which makes it safer).

Difference Between Softball and Baseball

Softball and baseball have the same basic rules, but a few key differences separate the two games.

Ball Size

Baseball balls are much smaller than softballs. Baseballs are a little more than 9 inches in circumference, while softballs are 12 inches in circumference. There’s such a big difference between the two that they have different names. Baseballs are called “baseballs,” and softballs are called “softballs.”

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Feel of Ball

The main difference between baseballs and softballs is how they feel when you throw or hit them. Baseballs are hard and will hurt if you get hit by one. Softballs are held together by stitches. So if you get hit by one, it feels like getting hit with a balloon filled with water. The ball is made of rubber, which means it’ll bounce if it hits anything other than grass or dirt.

Strikes and Balls

In baseball, strikes and balls work differently than they do in softball. Three strikes mean four balls means you’re out. The opposite is true: four strikes mean three balls, which can lead to tricky situations when you’re playing both sports simultaneously.

Pitching Style

Softball pitching styles vary greatly by player preference. Some people prefer to pitch underhand, while others prefer overhand.

Is it Harder to Hit a Homerun in Softball or Baseball?

Both are difficult, but some key differences between the sports may make one easier.

First, let’s look at baseball. A regulation MLB field is less than 250 feet from home plate to the center of each outfield fence and almost 400 feet around the bases. In softball, those numbers are approximately 150 feet and 360 feet, respectively, a difference of almost double.

If all else is equal, a softball pitcher must work harder to throw a pitch fast enough to reach an infielder standing deep behind first base. There is more space for a batter to hit the ball once it gets out there.

Second, look at how light and heavy each type of ball is. For comparison sake, we’ll use a regulation MLB baseball and a regulation WOAA softball. The baseball weighs about 5 ounces, about half as much as the softball, 9 ounces.

Because of this difference in weight, MLB balls travel farther when hit than their WOAA counterparts.

Are Softballs Softer Than Baseballs?

Ever wondered if softballs are softer than baseballs?

Well, they are.

Softballs are softer than baseballs, and they’re also much bigger.

Bigger balls allow young kids to have a better grip on them while they’re playing. It’s recommended that you get your child a bigger ball. So they can hold it more easily in their hands.

There are special balls designed especially for little kids. These balls have been made with a smaller diameter. So it’s easier for people with small hands to hold them.


Softballs are bigger than baseballs because of their construction. They are made to be bounced more and hit with more force, which results in a higher average velocity. Additionally, softballs have more air inside them, which makes them travel further and faster than baseballs.

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