How to Drain Basketball Hoop

We often use water or sand to fill up the portable basketball hoop base to make it stable. After enjoying the game, when draining the water to move the portable basketball hoop from the playground to a different place or storage garage, how would you do the proper draining?

The shortest possible answer is to remove the hoop base’s stopper and tilt it from one side to another so the water can drain out clearly. You should tip the goal entirely in need to drain all the water completely. Also, another option you can go with is, using a hose to suck all the water out from the hoop.

Where we will talk about the two most straightforward ways to drain the basketball hoop and maintain it.

How Can You Fill the Basketball Hoop With Water?

Before going to the draining process you should know how to correctly fill the hoop with water because to start the game we have to fill the hoop with water first and drain it after finishing the game, I mean at last!

Here you go with the steps to fill the basketball hoop with water.

Step 1: Take the stopper out from the hoop base.

Step 2: Take your garden hose to fill the hoop base with water. Be conscious about filling the base up to the rim with water.

Step 3: In the winter season, you have to use antifreeze to prevent the water from freezing. Unless you do it, this can make damage the basketball hoop base.

Step 4: Put the stopper back and close it tight so that no water can come out.

Step 5: Finally observe if there is any scope of water leaking from the hoop.

2 Most Effective Ways to Drain Water From a Basketball Hoop

The First Effective Way – Tipping the Basketball Hoop Base

The method is told stepwise here,

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Step 1: The first condition to drain the basketball hoop is removing or opening the stopper from the hoop base.

Step 2: Now slowly tip the hoop base to let the water drain.

Step 3: By the end, you will have to tip the hoop base over due to make the hoop base fully water empty.

The Next Effective Way – Sucking the Water Out from the Basketball Hoop

If you face trouble tipping the hoop base as it is quite heavy, then here you go with another way that won’t give you any physical stress.

Step 1: Take the garden hose to drain the water by sucking it out.

Step 2: Take out the stopper from the hoop base.

Step 3: Insert the hose into the hoop base.

Step 4: You might suck the hose with your mouth to empty the base, but it will be unhealthy. Moreover, if you have put antifreeze in the water, then don’t even think about sucking the water with your mouth.

Step 5: Just arrange a small pump to suck the water out or drain out the water from the hoop base.


There are two common ways to fill the basketball hoop base to make it stable, one is putting water, and another is putting sand. But sand has a much higher density than water, so making the hoop base empty again by removing the sand out is harder. So most of the people go for putting water into the hoop base.

The two ways we have discussed in the article are the easiest and most effective ways to drain out all the water from the basketball hoop base without doing any damage to it.

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