How Many Basketballs Can I Fit in A Rim?

We feel disturbed when we miss passing a shoot through the basketball rim. Therefore, we can never imagine fitting one more basketball in a rim. Is it really possible to set two or more basketballs in a rim?

The direct answer to the question seems difficult when a basketball’s size and circumference determine everything. Here, the scenario will be different for kids, adults, men, and women basketballs.

For example, a men’s standard size-7 basketball measures a circumference of 29.5-inch and a 6-inch standard women’s basketball comes with a 28.5-inch circumference. You can find size-4 or size-5 kids basketballs measuring circumferences for 25.5 and 27.5-inch respectively.

Now, let’s see what-sized basketball we can fit in a rim for more than one. However, we should learn more about a basketball and the rim’s regular size to understand the asking better.

What is an Ideal Size of a Basketball Rim?

A basketball rim measures 18 inches (46 cm) in diameter at every playing level, including high school, FIBA, NCAA, NBA, WNBA, and more. And it stands precisely 10 feet above the ground. The hoop sticks to a 42-inch (110 cm) backboard.

What is the Standard Circumference of Basketballs?

The ideal circumference of a basketball varies from one size to another. And the standard size depends on the players’ age and sex too. Weight is another important thing to consider for a basketball. Let’s figure out everything in a table.

Sex Age Size Circumference Diameter Weight
Girls & Boys Five to Eight 4 25.5-inch 8.12-inch 14-ounce
Girls & Boys Nine to Eleven 5 27.5-inch    8.75-inch 17-ounce
Girls & Boys Girls 12+

Boys 12-13

6 28.5-inch     9.07-inch 20-ounce
Boys only Boys 14+ 7 29.5-inch     9.40-inch 22-ounce

Among them, size-7 is the official size for men from fourteen to above, and size-6 is the official size for women from 12 to above. Kids with their particular age range can play with the size-4 or size-5.

How Many Basketballs Can You Actually Fit in a Rim?

As you already have a clear idea about the basketball’s diameter and the rim’s diameter, it is time to answer the question, “how many basketballs can fit in a rim?” Alright, answer by yourself.

The two men’s standard size-7 basketballs measure 18.80-inch (9.40×2 in total diameter, whereas a rim measures only 18-inch in its diameter. You can roughly fit two size-7 standard men’s basketball in a rim together, but you cannot pass them through the hoop. 

Let’s come to the women’s standard size-6 basketballs. Look at the above chart where a size-6 women’s standard basketball measures 9.07-inch diameter. So, such two basketballs will be 18.14 inches (9.07×2) in diameter. So, you can roughly put two size-6 basketballs on a rim except for passing through the hoop.

A size-5 basketball measures 8.75 inches in diameter, which becomes 17.5 inches for two 5-size basketballs. So, if you place them together on an 18-inch diameter rim, both will drop through the hoop net. In this regard, you can fit three 5-size basketballs in a rim.

Finally, we can answer the particular question with the size-4 kids’ basketballs. A 4-size kid’s basketball quantifies an 8.12-inch diameter that results in 16.24-inch with the same two basketballs. So, you can effortlessly fit three basketballs in a rim. Here, two 4-size basketballs will easily get down through the hoop net.

How Much Weight Can a Basketball Rim Withstand?

A basketball rim can usually hold weights from 250 lbs to 500 lbs. However, it depends on some significant factors: rim’s metal, backboard’s type, backboard’s material, and more. For example, a steel rim can withstand more weight than an aluminum rim. Again, a fiberglass and acrylic backboard can hold more weight than a wood backboard.

What is the Current Regulated Basketball Hoop Size For NBA Players?

The current regulated size for a basketball hoop or rim is 18-inch (46cm) diameter for NBA players. It stands 10 feet (3.05) meter above the ground. Most basketball categories and classes go with the current basketball hoop regulation. However, it can vary based on the dimension of specific areas.

What Should I Prefer Between a Single Rim and a Double Rim Basketball?

A double basketball rim has an extra layer of thickness that makes the rim bouncier than a single basketball rim. Therefore, passing through the double basketball rim is harder than the single one. If you are a beginner, you should play with the double rim. And professionals can prefer the double rim for more accuracy in their passing shoots.

Final Words

You can roughly fit two men’s and women’s standard basketball in a rim without passing them through the hoop. Two kid’s size basketballs will drop through the standard rim, and three balls will easily fit on it. So, the answers to the keyword question depend on the diameter of basketballs and rims.

However, if you personalize the rim diameter, you can put or pass two more basketballs in a rim. It won’t be an ideal choice at all.


  • FIBA-The International Basketball Federation
  • NCAA-National Collegiate Athletic Association
  • NBA-National Basketball Association
  • WNBA- Women’s National Basketball Association

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