AIBA World Boxing Championship 2021

The AIBA World Boxing Championships 2021 are a kind of boxing championship that is mainly biennial amateur boxing events. It is organized by a sporting governing body AIBA. It is also the highest level of boxing competition like the Olympic Boxing Programme.

In 1974, World Boxing Championships were first held in Havana, Cuba. Though it was men’s championship only. After that in 2001, almost 25 years later of the men’s championship the women’s boxing championship has started. From then in every odd year, the men’s championship is taking place and women’s in even years from 2006 to 2018. But then the women’s championship is taking place in the odd year from 2019.

This year, the AIBA World Boxing Championships are a bit special than previous year’s events. Because this time the medal champions are going to receive a huge amount of prize money.

The gold medalist will receive $100,000, the silver medalist will get $50,000 and the bronze medalist will receive $25,000. Certainly, it is a huge amount.

Now, we’ll talk about the AIBA World Boxing Championships 2021: when and where, schedule and categories, how to live stream, and TV info.

When and Where the AIBA World Boxing Championships 2021?

The AIBA World Boxing Championships is going to take place in Stark Arena in Belgrade, Serbia. It had celebrated its grand opening on 25th October 2021. And it will end up its journey on 6th November 2021.

Schedule and Categories:

Around 600 athletes from 105 countries will attend this event.

Championships schedule:

The Opening Ceremony has held on October 25 and other info are given below,

  • 2nd November: Preliminaries
  • 3rd November: Rest Day
  • 4th November: Semi-finals
  • 5th to 6th November: Finals

And there will be 13 categories of winning titles. These are –

  1. Minimumweight
  2. Flyweight
  3. Bantamweight
  4. Featherweight
  5. Lightweight
  6. Light welterweight
  7. welterweight
  8. Light middleweight
  9. Middleweight
  10. Light heavyweight
  11. Cruiserweight
  12. 12 . Heavyweight
  13. Super heavyweight

How to Watch World Boxing Championships 2021 Live Stream?

The World Boxing Championships live stream is available on AIBA Live. It’s the official website of the AIBA. If you are out of the region then you can use VPN to have access to the website.

Those who want to enjoy this event live can book their tickets from AIBA’s website. The price range of tickets is 700-1200 RSD only. So it is quite simple to enjoy this high level of boxing championships.

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How to Watch the AIBA World Boxing Championships Live on TV?

AIBA Live will telecast this event live and other local TV channels will also broadcast it. Fans of the USA can watch this on Sky sports and sky network. Sports Network channels will telecast this event in the Asian region. And fans from other countries can also enjoy this from AIBA’s official website. So, fans don’t need to take any stress to think that how they can watch this amazing boxing event.


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