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Anthony Joshua was behind the camera for a long time. No one heard from the legend for a long time. After his defeat against Usyk in September, Joshua went underground. And everyone was excited about the Fury and Wilder match.

But there was a rumor ongoing that Joshua is wandering around in the USA and looking for a new coach to train him. For his next bout the rematch with Usyk, Joshua wants someone good, a new spirit to train him for the big fight.

Then Tyson Fury offered Joshua that he will help him to prepare for Usyk. It happened a couple of weeks ago. And the news went viral very rapidly. Boxing world fans burst into the craze and wanted to see these pairs working together. To be honest, it will be a remarkable event in the history of boxing, seeing these two working with each other.

Well, finally Joshua replied to Fury’s offer in an interview. He takes Fury’s offer very generously. He said working with Fury will be a great opportunity for him and Fury is very much welcome in his camp. Well, how serious these legends are still unsure cause we know how Fury talks too much. But hopefully, if everything works fine then we may witness the miracle of boxing.

Though Joshua gives one condition over giving Fury chance to train him. A very simple task. He said, “Yeah lovely mate. If he takes no money for it. I don’t know if he’s after a quid or two.”

On the fact of putting Fury in the coaching position, Joshua said, He’s more than welcome to come through the doors, he can even spar with me as well. I need a coach that’s lived it, breathed it, so it’ll be perfect.”

“That’ll be the easiest way to get him in the ring. I’ll set up a camera, Eddie [Hearn] will be there with a few cameras running it on Facebook or YouTube.”

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“Tyson can definitely come and watch me train, 100 percent.

Sparring ain’t fighting, so he can definitely come in, he’s more than welcome to step into the gym and give me some tips.

I’m not fighting him next anyway so he ain’t got nothing to worry about.”

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Whom else Anthony Joshua is seeing as a trainer for his next bout?

Even though Anthony Joshua and Fury come together, it doesn’t mean that Fury is going to be the only one who will train Joshua. Fury will probably be the second coach or work with Joshua as an adviser. But Joshua is looking for a serious trainer. He wants to win the next battle. He saw and talked with legendary boxing trainers Virgil Hunter, Eddie Reynoso, Ronnie Shields, and Robert Garcia. We may see one of them and Fury helping Joshua in the gym.

Joshua says, “I just looked at myself and said I need to get out of my comfort zone.”

“I’m done with f*****g losing. I’m done with trying to learn the sweet science..he might get thrown on the floor in the next fight because this is war. It’s just straight war. I’m annoyed. I’m boiling up even speaking about it – it’s that passion to win.’


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