Joshua vs Ukyk
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Anthony Joshua is all set to give Usyk a tough time while defending his world heavyweight titles in the boxing match scheduled on 25th September. 

Joshua seems to be clear about the fortes and faults of his opponent well before the face-off.

AJ is well aware of what awaits him

“You can either be aggressive, corner [him], throw everything at it. Or take your time, be clever, then knock [him] out,” Anthony Joshua said.

The 31-year old says he is sharpening his mind to save himself from mentally fatiguing and being able to concentrate in all 12 rounds while facing The Cat’s southpaw style.

He is training to match Usyk’s unique style, “It is a process that I am going through, adapting to a southpaw,” he said.

“It is a process that I am going through, adapting to a southpaw,” added Joshua who is well aware of what makes his contender stand out amongst all. 

Joshua’s IBF, WBA, and WBO heavyweight championships are on the line against Usyk at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in London.

The British boxer claims that Usyk is one of the trickiest and dangerous opponents. While answering if the 34-year old will Tyson be his trickiest ever competitor, he said, “100 percent, he will be. Movement means you are never stationary to get hit. Movement is important.

“Concentration – when you want to [punch], you lock-in, then make a move. You have to make sure your brain works,” he went on.

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What else do we know about AJ, Usyk?

Oleksandr Usyk Ukrainian, former undisputed cruiserweight champion and also WBO’s heavyweight mandatory challenger, is ranked as the world’s fourth-best active boxer by the Transnational Boxing Rankings Board (TBRB) on June,21.

Joshua on the other hand is the more aggressive and heavier one (he was nearly two stone heavier than Usyk) but is trying to decrease his own size to match Usyk’s nimbleness.” I do look at my weight but I’m not trying to make weight because I’m a heavyweight,” says Joshua.

Joshua always studies his opponent before the match and brings his body in the form desired for the particular fight.

“I tailor my training. I am getting a lot of experience, I’ve been fighting good fighters for a long time, I’ve studied them and learned about their training camps. I’ve learned how to condition my body for specific fights. I’m looking trim for this fight,” says the boxing enthusiast.

He says that by training this way his body adapts and takes its natural form.

Anthony Joshua has recruited sparring partners to copy Usyk’s southpaw stance, including Irish Thomas Carty and German Shokran Parwani.

The boxer has been training hard to come at par with the 12-round fighter, “I’ve been training like a 15-round fighter in this camp. I will be well-conditioned to fight. That is key.”

The legendary boxer says that he makes himself comfortable by practicing and putting himself in difficult and vulnerable positions. He learns by fighting with more powerful, quicker, and better players. He says through this process he develops as a player.


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