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Michael Conlan the renounce boxer is ready to face Tj Doheny for his next fight. Both of the players are taking preparation heavily for this bout. Cause the event isn’t just about winning the game it’s about earning respect and there is a huge threat for both players to lose their current position in the world rank.

So, what will happen in the match will be a huge effect on both player’s careers. Let’s find out everything about the upcoming biggest bout.

Conlan is an undefeated champion, he has made an amazing career since the beginning of his young professional fight. On the other hand, Doheny is a former world junior featherweight titleholder. No doubt, this clash will be a riveting match.

This match is a part of the annual Feile a Phobail festival which is the most popular occasion in Northern Ireland. It will be a 10 round event, and both players are capable of last that much longer, hopefully, the match didn’t turn into draws.

The introduction is now over, let’s get into the real informing sector of the Conlan vs Doheny match. Here we will talk about where are when is the game going to take place, what’s been saying about the bout, bit previews, and prediction, where to live stream, and some facts that will help you to enrich your knowledge about this glorious clash.

Now, steady your reading ability so that you could get all the information correctly.

Where is Michel Conlan vs Tj Doheny?

Conlan vs Doheny is going to take place at the Conlan motherland Belfast, Northern Ireland. The fight is a part of the Northern annual Feile and Phobail festival. And the event is fixed to play at Falls Park.

This will be a very glamorous event even with the possible risk of Covid-19. But the authority said that they are gonna take care of everything and so that everyone could carry on in a health proof situation.

When is Michel Conlan vs Tj Doheny?

Well, the match is scheduled to come out on August 6, 2021. It will kick off at 3 p.m. ET, 12 PT.

That’s not the only match at this festival, two other matches will also take the main event. After the main event, they will keep the heat of the boxing ring. Below, we have described two other undercards, keep reading, and you will get there.

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How to live steam Michel Conlan vs Tj Doheny fight?

Live streaming a match is a bit hard for the new fan of boxing. Not hard accurately but it is actually a bit hard to find the right channel for streaming. This part will help both new and old fans of boxing. Cause we will deliver you the best option of streaming the Conlan vs Doheny match. Let’s see.

The main broadcaster of Conlan vs Doheny is ESPN+. They are the official channel that has the access to broadcast the whole event. Through ESPN+ one could watch the game from anywhere they want. ESPN+ is available in both the USA and UK continents and also in some other countries. If you are in a country where ESPN+ happens to not be available then use a VPN to change your geographical location IP address.

The match isn’t a pay-per-view event, won’t charge any money to stream but you need an ESPN+ subscription to watch the game. ESPN+ costs 6.99 dollars per month and 69.99 dollars for an annual subscription.

There is an unofficial channel available where you can watch the game from anywhere you want, and that won’t even require any VPN for changing location.

This streaming is offered by Sports Bay. That’s an online site to stream top rank boxing matches. Here the viewers don’t need any subscription, sign up, or credit card to watch the game.

With Sports Bay, all you have to do is go to their website and then go to the live stream link. With Sports Bay, you could watch the game on various platforms.

Though it has many advantages but uses an unregistered site isn’t a good idea. If you take our suggestion then go for the ESPN+.

Under Card

The main boxing event of Norther Ireland’s annual Feile a Phobail festival is Michel Conlan vs Doheny. There will be two other matches too for the fans. Those are,

  • ZhankhozhTurarov vs Tyrone McKenna
  • Lee McGregor vs Vincent Legrand

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Previews and Prediction

Conlan is an undefeated champion. He was recognized as Ireland’s most successful and strongest amateur boxer. Since his professional career, he has beaten all of his enemies and loses any of the matches. In his bag, he has 15 wins, no lose no draw. He won 8 of his game by knockout. Conlan will step into the boxing ring after four months. His last fight was with IonutBaluta on 30th April 2021. He won that match and now he is looking forward to overcoming Doheny’s title.

And our second boxer is a world junior featherweight titleholder, TJ Doheny. He has played a total of 22 matches, won 20 of them, and lose 2 matches, zero draws. Doheny won by knockout 16 matches. His last fight was in 2020, it was also with the IonutBaluta. But Baluta managed to win against Doheny. Doheny lost the match by unanimous decision. Anyway, he reforms his strength and he is now ready to get back into the boxing ring.

These were the player’s recent and previous activities and their performances in the past match. It will help us to calculate the prediction. We also measured some other facts like the player’s defense and attacking ability, and some others matter. Predicting something is hard and it always tells us the correct outcome cause everything in boxing could change in a moment.

Anyway, after calculating all the facts, you could say that Doheny has an advantage over Conlan, with a 73% knockout chance.


That was pretty much everything about Conlan vs Doheny match. All of the boxing fans are waiting for this bout. If you still want to know something else, let us know in the comment section, we will be very happy to help.


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