David Deron Haye
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David Deron Haye is eyeing a return to boxing with a twist. He started his journey in 2002 and after a long successful career decided to say goodbye in 2018.

Though it’s just a single fight comeback, his fans are eager to see him in action inside the ring. He is a former world champion in the cruiserweight and heavyweight categories.

Haye played his last match three years ago at age 40. He has been returning only to have one combat with Joe Fournier in Los Angeles on 11th September.

How did David Hayes, Fournier land in a fight?

David Hayes has taken retirement after his two consecutive losses against Tony Bellew in 2018. However, he has been provoked by Fournier to have a match with him.

It all started when both were asked a question about who would win in a fight between them. Haye handled the situation wisely and said that it would be a tough competition. Joe, when asked the same question, replied with a straight face that he can easily win this fight.

According to one of Haye’s statements: “This is not a comeback, this is about teaching Joe Fournier there are levels to the boxing game.”

“One must stay in their lane or risk getting flattened. There are certain things in life you can’t buy – Joe ‘The Billionaire’ Fournier needs to learn that.”

“I was the heavyweight champion of the world just 10 years ago. I’m only 40. Joe is delusional. Champions are born not bought.”

Career achievements of both opponents

Haye retired with a brilliant record of 28-4. Whereas, Fournier has bagged nine professional wins but has fought only once since 2016. Fournier has also got a reputation in the fitness and nightclub businesses. He has also been named as ‘The billionaire’ after earning affluence from these sources. 

Joe made his professional debut in 2015 and remained 5 years out of the boxing ring. He has recently returned to the game on the Jake Paul and Ben Askren thriller undercard, where he had beaten musician Reykon.

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Due to this rhythm that he got in the recent match in April, he has been hoping to outperform Haye as well. He is not coming slow with his statements though. Everyone knows that both players have got different records and techniques. Fournier passed a blunt statement in an interview: 

“I will shock the world and knock out David Haye.

“Unquestionably one of the hardest challenges of my life, but this is the perfect fight at the perfect time for me.”

“Haye is riddled with injuries, 10 years past his prime. I was a late starter to this pro boxing game – now I’m coming into my fighting prime.

“I’m healthy, motivated, and ready to prove a point to Haye that on September 11, I will be victorious.”

The battle between Haye and Fournier will be occurring on the undercard of Oscar De La Hoya’s comeback against retired UFC winner Vitor Belfort. Keep your fingers crossed for the big match!


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