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Australian boxing stage is getting hotter and angry for Demsey McKean vs Kiki Toa Leutele. So the boxers are prepared as well, to sacrifices their blood and glory for the sake of boxing rings. The bell has started to ring in the hell. On Demolition Day, we will see the two most furious fighters in history. They will come into boxing barbed wire and will find for their life and honor.

You already know we are talking about the Demsey McKean vs Kiki Toa Leutele fight. Two of them are very popular are fearsome names in a boxing club. They have a very good reputation for smashing opponents. This time they will fight with each other. A fight between the lion and the tiger. Fans are waiting for this fight. And here we are for the fans. We will inform you of every information that you need to know to live stream Mckean vs Leutele fight. The match preview, what are the other fight card, when and where is the match gonna take place, we discuss everything below, so read the article grab the information you need.

When and Where is Demsey McKean vs Kiki Toa Leutele?

  • Location: Mansfield, Queensland, Australia
  • Venue: Mansfield Tavern
  • Time: 15 May 2021 at 3 AM ET.
  • TV Channel: Fox Sports
  • Live Streaming: Fox Sports and Kayo Sports

Ace boxing group is the organizer and promoter of this event. They are in the boxing business for a long time. Mckean vs Leutele match will take place at the Mansfield Tavern located in Mansfield, Queensland, Australia. If you now in Australia you could watch the game live in person from the stadium.

The match will start at 3 AM ET on 15 May 2021. Check the timetable with your location. Make sure you are free at that time, cause we don’t wanna miss one of the most thrilling matches.

Demsey McKean vs Kiki Toa Leutele Fight Card

Our main event is Leutele vs McKean. Besides that, two more matches have been arranged for the fans. Let’s what are other fight cards you will get.

  1. J. Camilleri vs L. Woods
  2. R. Hawker vs A. Klein

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How to Live Stream Demsey McKean vs Kiki Toa Leutele fight?

We all want to watch Leutele vs McKean match. So what are the ways we have to watch this big event? First, try to enjoy the match live in person cause a fight like this won’t take place every day. But only a few of us will have the opportunity to see that from the stadium. What’re the options others have here?

Leutele vs Mckean match is available on both TV and online live streaming platform. Both have different demands and access systems. So choose the option that suits you best.

Live Stream with Fox Sports:

Fox Sports is one of the most popular live-streaming media in the whole world. They have created a massive fan base in the live streaming platform. Fox Sports is the official broadcaster of the Mckean vs Leutele match. You could watch the game on the Fox app. Fox app is available in almost all types of the device. So, if you buy the subscription to Fox Sports you can watch the game anywhere.

To get a Fox Sports subscription you have to pay 84.99 dollars. Fox Sports Go comes free with tv cable line. So you could give that a try.

Live Stream with AUBOXINGTV:

There is another channel where you could watch the event, it’s AUBOXINGTV. In Australia, that’s a popular channel. They broadcast all the boxing-related events.

AUBOXINGTV also comes with 7 days free trial and you could cancel the sign-up any time. So, if you are a little short on money then this your live streaming server to watch McKean vs Leutele match.

Foxtel TV Live Steaming of Leutele vs McKean:

If you are a fan of boxing then you must be familiar with Foxtel TV. They are one of the most popular live-streaming based in Australia. The match is in Australia, so obviously, Foxtel TV is here with us to broadcast the event.

You can watch Leutele vs McKean whole event with Foxtel TV. There many plans available on Foxtel TV, they start from 25 dollars to 109 dollars. Chose the plan that suits you best.

Preview of the fight:

Mckean vs Leutele is an upcoming boxing event. The match is presented by the Ace Boxing Group on Demolition Day. It will take place at the Mansfield Tavern.

There is always a rivalry exist between Australia and New Zealand. Now that comes into the boxing field too. McKean is a 12 heavyweight champion Australian Boxers. On the other hand, Leutele is an undefeated New Zealand boxer superhero. So this will be a great fight.

This is a great chance for Leutele to earn the honour but defeating Mckean is not a bed of rose. And previous match history and other staff say that Mckean has a 94% chance of winning. Soon we will who is our next champion.


Our job is done here. As we promised, we told you almost everything about the match. Now, enjoy the match with your friends and family.


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