Haney and Kambosos Fight Result
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Devin Haney played against the Australian most famous high ranked boxer George Kambosos Jr.. Haney defeated Kambosos by a unanimous decision. The victory over Kambosos made him the first undisputed lightweight champion who has held the championship title in four different eras.

Kambosos put his WBA, IBF, WBO and The Ring lightweight titles against the fight with Haney. However, his luck didn’t give him company while playing against Haney and the American took away all the four major belts from Kambosos.

The crowd at the Melbourne’s Marvel Stadium was full of Kambosos fans. In front of this huge fanbase of Kambosos, Haney totally destroys the Australian. From the beginning of the match, Haney was in control of the bout. He dominated the bout most of the time. To get controlled over the hard rock Kambosos, Haney’s jab helped him a lot.

Kambosos failed every time whenever he tried to come close to the Haney. Haney’s jab pushed him every time and Kambosos missed shots. Though the situation wasn’t always like this. Kambosos got some control over the clash too, his fans were on their feet at that time.

Besides the jab, Haney’s counter-attacks were too good. He seizes every chance he got to hit Kambosos. Kambosos was totally fed up with the counterattacks of Haney. He failed to find any solution to prevent the attacks of Haney. An another thing that was the biggest obstacle for Kambosos that the head movement of Haney. Haney could move his heave very rapidly. Kambosos wasn’t able to take a shot and his hit flipped away whenever he target for the Haney’s head.

Haney vs Kambosos clash was for the twelve round. After the round 12, almost everyone knew what will be the results of the clash. Judges announced Haney’s name as the winner of the clash by unanimous decision, the point was 116-112 x2, 118-10. After the bout, Kambosos personally hand over all of his four titles to the young rising star Haney.

Haney vs Lomachenko Purse, Payouts, Salaries

Haney’s and Kambosos’s earnings:

It was the biggest bout of Haney’s career. No other player has previously owned the four-belt in different weights at the same time. Kambosos is one of the most talked-about and high ranked boxers in the whole world. Before the match, all the odds and prediction was in favour of Kambosos. Critics and sports analytics guess that Kambosos earning from the match would be more than 10 million dollars if he wins the match. Though his loss didn’t make much change in his earnings.

According to TotalSportal, and other sports sites Kambosos signed the deal for 10 million dollars and he will get 70 per cent of the pay per view share. On the other hand, Haney will get around 3 million dollars from his bout against Kambosos and he will get 30 per cent of the share. They also made another deal that, if Haney wins then they will again meet each in Australia based venue for their rematch bout.

Devin Haney vs George Kambosos Jr. Purse and Payouts:

From the bout of Kambosos vs Haney, both players will get a handsome amount of money.

Haney will get around 3 million dollars and 30 per cent of the pay per view share from his bout against Kambosos. On the other hand, Kambosos will get around 10 million dollars and 70 per cent of the pay per view share from the Haney vs Kambosos bout.

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