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The biggest boxing match Dillian Whyte vs Otto Wallin was about to lunch on October 30, 2021. But an injury came between the duel and they had to call off the fight. It’s was sad cause the future of the next fight was depending on the fate of that day. It was kinda absolute that whoever wins the fight between Whyte and Wallin, will face the boss of boxing, Tyson Fury. But things and planned all got mixed up the cause of the Whyte injury.

Dillian Whyte was set to face Otto on 30 October. Both players were ready with gloves on hand. But unfortunately, Dillian Whyte got a shoulder injury. It happens during the training. His shoulder was already injured. He finds about it a few days before the training. Whyte thought it’s a major case and it will go eventually. But, sadly his body didn’t hear the command of his mind. And it got worse.

On Monday, the injury became very heavy and Dillian Whyte was unable to take preparation for his upcoming fight. Doctors had to go through all medical aid to take care of the ill shoulder. According to Whyte’s doctors, it’s fine now. But Whyte can’t go back to his training or in the fight immediately. He needs to take proper rest before putting in the training session once again.

Whyte is very disappointed and sad about the cancellation of the fight. He says, “I am devastated as I had a great camp, was in great shape and had great sparring. I was looking forward to knocking Wallin out and would have done so in the first half of the fight.”

“I am devastated about not being able to fight on 30 October but I want to thank everyone for all of their support.”

The fight was put on the line for Whyte’s interim title. And after overpowering Otto, Whyte would have a chance to seize the major title from Fury.

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What will happen to match and when is Dillian Whyte coming back?

Umm, don’t worry fans, boxing matches will still carry on October 30. They changed the head with Chantelle Cameron. He will now headline with a WBC, IBF, and Ring Magazine Super-Lightweight unification clash with USA’s Mary McGee. So, it’s on baby.

What happened to Otto and Dillian? Well, nothing isn’t fixed yet. Everyone wants that the body of boxing management rescheduled the match. That will probably happen. But the date isn’t fixed yet.

Now, our last discussion, when is Whyte coming back? Well, that’s not still clear too. Sports & Exercise Medicine Consultant Dr. Harjinder Singh said, “I have treated the injury, but the injury will, unfortunately, prevent him from fighting on 30 October 2021. With immediate rest, physiotherapy and rehabilitation there should be no enduring concerns.” The doctors think Whyte will take at least one month to heal properly.

Matchroom Sport Chairman Eddie Hearn said, “It’s a huge shame because Dillian had a great camp before the injury and was ready to go. The show will continue on October 30 without Dillian and we wish him a speedy recovery and look forward to seeing him back in the ring very soon.”


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