Dillian Whyte wants to replace Fury in October fight against Wilder
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WBC Interim Heavyweight Champion Dillian Whyte is poised to make hay while the sun shines. The veteran is looking to trade punches with Deontay Wilder in place of champion Tyson Fury.

Whyte has had n illustrious career, but now he wants to elevate himself to the next level by donning the championship strap instead of the interim belt.

Tyson Fury is down with coronavirus that he contracted during his training for the trilogy fight against his longtime foe and former champion, Deontay Wilder,

They were planned to fight in Nevada on July 24, but the association has now postponed their bout to October 9.

Whyte beliefs that Fury must be stripped of the WBC title since he might not be ready by the time the Wilder fight is on.

“They should [The WBC] one hundred percent do the right thing. Tyson Fury has held all the titles but has never made a single defence of any of them. It’s a year and a half since he won the WBC belt, and still no fight in sight,” Whyte said in a recent interview.

“I’ll fight Wilder as a world champion, and the winner of that fights Tyson Fury, and the winner of that fights Anthony Joshua for the undisputed.”

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Whyte’s response was highly anticipated. However, no word has yet been issued officially from either Fury or the Bronze Bomber.

Fury is 1-0 up in the trilogy as he beat Wilder in the rematch held last February. And he has never fought Whyte.

However, Wilder might be open to the idea of fighting Whyte and take a hefty purse home.

Dillian Whyte
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His co-manager Shelly Finkel had previously said that his agent is quite upset by the news regarding Fury’s withdrawal due to the positive COVID test.

Finkell told the Athletic: “They didn’t do what they said they had and what they should have done as professional athletes. There’s so much money, prestige, and things riding on this, and we all have a job to do to make sure it happens on time.”

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Earlier, Fury’s father also weighed in on the Gypsy King down with the novel virus.

“I was shocked. You don’t want these things to happen. It is off. Apparently one of the sparring partners brought it in. He’s infected the full team. These things happen in life. He will have to reschedule.”

On the other hand, Whyte has given a clear signal to one of his colleagues who was eyeing about against him.

In fact, the 33-year-old has picked second-tier heavyweight fighter Jermaine Franklin after turning down Charles Martin as his next opponent instead. “It sounds like Charles Martin is up to his old tricks and is desperate for a payday to keep him going. Nothing he says worries me in the slightest. Ravings of a deluded fool,” Whyte had remarked.

“Jermaine Franklin is in the running. There are a few other guys in the running as well. Now I’m in a good position, and now I’ve got my [interim WBC heavyweight] title.”


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