Evgeny Hurricane Alekseev

Poised by its passion for sports and the desire to assist athletes in reaching their full potential, MightyTips has again enlisted a brand-new ambassador, Jevgenijs “The Hurricane” Aleksejevs, to its growing roster.

The online sports reviewing platform, focusing on boxing betting apps and sites, announced that the 30-year-old kick-boxer-turned-boxer will fly its brand in all sporting box outings.

Evgeny “Hurricane” Alekseev is a Latvia-born fleet-of-fist and heavy-fitting fighter whose journey into combat sports began when he was six. He has been unbeaten in the last 14 encounters, with the latest being his debut fight in Spain with French opponent Dmitry Trenel.

This fight, which took place at the Holiday World Resort in Benalmadena, Spain, was his first fight away from home and his first as MightyTips ambassador.

At age 30, MightyTips ambassador and undefeated boxing star Jevgenijs “The Hurricane” Aleksejevs is already a winner of national and continental silverware. Among these are the European Professional K-1 Champion, which he bagged in 2015, and the European Muaythai Champion that came into his awards shelf in 2011.

Meet “The Hurricane,” MightyTip’s New Ambassador

  • Date of Birth: July 6, 1993
  • Place of Birth: Latvia
  • Height: 6’0
  • Professional Boxing Record: 14 wins, zero draws, zero defeat
  • KOs:85%
  • Stance: Orthodox
  • Lifetime Combat Awards: 2007: World Kickboxing Champion; 2008: European Kickboxing Champion; 2010: Baltic K-1 Champion; 2011: European Muaythai Champion; 2015: Professional K-1 Champion

According to the fighter, his father was the architect of his combat sporting career. While fielding questions with MightyTips, he recounted how his dad had introduced him to Taekwondo when he was six years old.

He loved everything about the sports and partook in several hours of training sessions, the results of which were many championship awards in Latvia, the Baltic States, and Europe.

Having seen it all in Taekwondo, Jevgenijs “The Hurricane” Aleksejevs turned to kickboxing at around 13 years. He seemed to have transferred his successes in Taekwondo to kickboxing with his impressive features and results.

After about a year of competition in kickboxing under parallel rules, The Hurricane shocked everyone by winning seven fights daily. This feat won him the 2007 World Champion award in kickboxing held in Italy that year.

Regrettably, Alekseev’s promising career in kickboxing suffered a massive setback in 2015 when he suffered a severe leg injury just 17 seconds into his first fight.

The injury meant the European star would have to stay away from fighting for months. But his holiday was only to birth another career pathway.

Meet The Hurricane, MightyTip's New Ambassador

Evgeny Alekseev’s Journey into Boxing

While at home recuperating from the leg injury sustained, The Hurricane devoted some time to playing video games. Within a month, he got enveloped in this game and finished Witcher 3 in Double-Quick Time.

Not satisfied and understandably frustrated, he went to the gym again to start his fitness training, but this time, he focused on his hands because of the injuries to his leg.

The Hurricane would always hit his hands on objects and boxing pads along his path as his way of dealing with the frustration that the injury had caused him. But it wasn’t long before his skills were in demand again, as he got invited to a boxing contest in Riga.

Before that tournament, he had already secured two wins in boxing, although he had no intention of taking the sport to a professional standing.

A conversation with his coach was all it took to convince this Latvian fighter to embrace boxing. He got the encouragement he needed and decided that since boxing was a ‘classical sport,’ he would try it.

Alekseev noted that besides his coach, who convinced him to become a professional boxer, Mairis Briedis was also instrumental in actualizing this dream.

Mairis was a three-time Cruiserweight World Champion who took The Hurricane through several training sessions during his early days.

Thanks to the training sessions, combat background, and the Latvian natural propensity to combat sports, he has remained unbeaten since he ported to his newly-found boxing career.

MightyTips Ambassadorship & First Boxing Fight

Riding on his enviable 13-0 boxing career records, The Hurricane faced another impressive French boxer, Dmitry Trenel, away from home in August 2023. A loss in that contest would have tainted his outstanding records and brought him a not-too-good start into his MightyTips ambassadorship.

But instead of trepidation, The Hurricane displayed a commanding confidence that sent his opponent to his knees in the third round. With 56 seconds remaining for the fight, the referee saw no need to fulfill any righteousness as the winner was already crystal clear.

The Hurricane thus emerged victorious in his debut fight in Spain, giving an excellent record of himself, MightyTips, and extending his undefeated boxing record to 14 in a row.

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