Jake Paul Floyd Mayweather
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Floyd Mayweather got offered by Jake Paul for a “Real Pro Fight”. After the exhibition bout with Logan Paul, Jake revealed it.

Hence, at the age of 44, Floyd Mayweather has nothing to prove about his capabilities. Already, he is regarded best among all pound fighters in the history of the boxing world. Against all-star, Japanese boxer Tenshin Nasukawa and with the older Paul brother, Mayweather has fought exhibition bouts.

Before this, Jake has divulged that he proposed Floyd Mayweather for a professional fight exhibition. But at that time the experienced one was simply not interested. But It needs much courage to offer an experienced boxer for a professional fight. It might be a good opportunity for the Paul brothers. But Jake has told that “Floyd Mayweather needs me more than I need him”. He also added that he is not trying to do any exhibition, if Mayweather wants to do a real pro fight then he can agree on this.

“I don’t want to do money fights with an old guy,” said Jake Paul. Here, another point is that In June Logan Paul fought Mayweather in an exhibition. That’s why Jake may want to take revenge by this professional fight.

Jake told that he put the offer in front of Mayweather but he was not interested. Probably, the Paul brothers want Floyd Mayweather at any cost that’s why they offered him a rich amount of financial support for a professional, official bout with Jake Paul. It was for the second time. But what can be done! Still, Floyd Mayweather was not interested.

Being a YouTuber and a social media personality Logan Paul has expressed that, his brother Jake Paul is a great fighter and He is just built differently. Though it is clear that with flawless effort and technique anyone can be a good fighter.

Why Paul brothers were worried about Floyd Mayweather?

Paul brothers were also worried about Floyd Mayweather’s age. Maybe Mayweather is going to retire. According to Paul brothers’ opinions, If it happens then Mayweather is going to miss an opportunity as an experienced fighter. As per previous statements of the Paul brothers Floyd Mayweather also need them.

According to Floyd Mayweather, he has done a lot in his career. At the age of 44, he doesn’t need to clarify himself by step in a ring with a social media star. No amount of money can come up with this.

Everything has a particular time to do. Though it is not the main matter.  But still, there is a hope that if they want to add to Mayweather’s 50-0 record then only it may happen. Jake Paul and Logan Paul are too much confident about them.

Paul confidently told that “I would have to take Floyd out and that wouldn’t be good for him.” This line is showing that how much the Paul brothers are sure about them.

Being an excellent and experienced fighter, These lines are nothing to Floyd Mayweather. It is already proved who is best in the boxing world. Still, it is unsure that this professional fight will occur or not.


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