Franco vs Moloney 3 Live
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Joshua Franco vs Andrew Moloney’s unfinished fight is now ready to go on this Saturday. This will be there the third fight. These two first meet with each other in June 2020. At their first meeting, Franco won the game by unanimous decision. The second they meet was in November 2020. But the match stayed in an unfinished situation for controversial no-contest cause headbutt of Franco.

After that, a long time has passed and both players take enough preparation to meet each other on the ring. Now they are ready to stand against one another for the third time.

Here you can know all the information about the Franco vs Moloney 3 live stream. We will talk about the start time, prediction, previews, undercards, and some other facts.

So, let’s get started.

When and where is Joshua Franco vs Andrew Moloney 3?

Andrew Moloney is now ready to meet Joshua Franco once again. Their rivalry always takes another turn. If this time they settle then it will be a draw or a loss for Moloney. And draw or a win for Franco. The Franco vs Monoley 3 is scheduled on Saturday, August 14 at 10 p.m. ET, 3 a.m. BST

Franco vs Moloney 3 match will take place at The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino located in Tulsa, Okla.

A few are audience allows for the game. So, if you wanna watch the game live from the stadium then buy the ticket and enjoy.

Live Streaming options for Joshua Franco vs Andrew Moloney 3:

Franco vs Moloney fight will be available both online and on the traditional streaming site. Let’s see where we can watch the fight.

If you are from the USA then the live stream of Franco vs Moloney 3 can watch on ESPN+. The whole game will be air through the ESPN channel. You could also watch the game from ESPN’s official website. Online streaming is also available in the USA. Download the ESPN+ apps on your device and enjoy the whole event.

For UK viewers the show will be shown by Sky Sports. They will have the whole event on their channel. And for online streaming, download Sky Sports Go and enjoy.

For the Canadian boxing fan, the Franco vs Moloney 3 will be broadcast by the TSN. TSN has its online streaming apps too which can be played on almost every device.

Guess, now you don’t have any problem with live streaming if you can’t get access to any streaming site because of geographical issue. Then use a free VPN to change your location.

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Fight Cards:

Franco vs Maloney is the main event. Under the main event, there will be two other matches too, which are also extremely remarkable matches. Let’s what are matches available for the fans.

Main Event:

  • Joshua Franco vs Andrew Moloney


  • Nico Ali Walsh vs Jordan Weeks- in the Middleweight Division
  • Arnold Barboza Jr. vs Antonio Moran- in the Junior welterweight Division.

Franco vs Moloney 3 Prediction:

Both Franco and Moloney are very renowned players. They both have a very enchanted career in boxing. And while it comes to defense and attacking both performances are pretty much the same. They always seem to be the perfect friend for each other but in the boxing world, they are the perfect opponents of each other. This is the third battle between these two legends. So let’s see the prediction of Franco vs Moloney and our thoughts about the game.

Joshua Franco will enter into the ring with a record of 17 wins, 1 loss, and 2 draws. He won by knockout 8 games. Franco mainly plays in a defensive mood, so you could how hard to break his barrier. He is also very at counter-attack. He becomes more dangerous at the late fight. His last fight was with Moloney. This time Franco will try his best to defend his title against Moloney.

And on the other hand, the Australian Andrew Moloney will step into the ring with 21 wins, 14 of them by knockout and one loss. This loss was against Franco, 2020. So, Moloney will fight his best for revenge. Moloney is a more experienced guy than Franco. Moloney is very well known for his sharp, quick, crisp, and accurate punches. He never misses those hands. While fighting he always focuses on the whole body than just the head.

After calculating both player’s status, activities, previous match’s performance we can say that Moloney has a better chance to win this time against Franco.


Fans were waiting for the Franco vs Moloney matches since 2020. And now this finally happening. This match brings boundless thrills to the heart of all boxing lovers. We all are looking to this event. And we hope, you got everything you were looking for, yet if we miss something then let us know in the comment section, we will be happy to help you.


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