Fury vs Wilder 3 payouts
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Fury vs Wilder 3 is the biggest boxing match this year. Just a few days ago we saw a previous biggest match of Joshua vs Usyk. That was such a great match. Although we do feel sorry for Joshua. Usyk has a very small fan base while Joshua is one of the most fan’s favorite guys.

So, the English boxers getting a lot of sympathies right now. After the Joshua vs Usyk match, we are going to see another historical fight of Fury vs Wilder 3.

That’s the third time this two world champion is gonna face each other. And they finally put an end to this rivalry by taking down one another.

The match will take place on October 9. Both players are taking heavy preparation to fight each other. In the past Fury was the one who dominated the ring. Recently, Fury gave some advice about the match mockingly. Let’s see what Fury said to Wilder.

What has been said?

In an interview, Fury says, “I think he [Wilder] could try and land more punches on my face, and that will help his chances of winning. It’s usually a good idea if you try it. Hit the opponent in the face as much as possible.”

Fury also talked about Wilder’s new trainer Malik Scott. Fury says, “There’s no secret, there’s no rocket science to boxing. A lot of these fighters try to make it technical and downloading data bulls***—I never heard such b******s in my life.”

“It’s two men fighting, punching each other in the face and body for twelve rounds or less.

It’s no rocket science to it. You got to train right, get to bed early. Drink plenty of water and get stuck in the best way you can.”

But there is nothing much Fury talked about during his training session. He seems to be overconfident about the fight against Wilder. Well, no one can blame him for that cause Fury miraculous fighter, we all know that.

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But along with many others Eddie Hearn who is the managing director that handles Joshua’s business says, “Tyson Fury doesn’t look ready, in my opinion. I still think he’ll win comfortably, but it does throw in the likelihood of a mistake happening.

I don’t see him [Fury] losing a round, but it doesn’t really matter. One mistake, and it can be over.”

Recently, Fury made a funny comment about Ronaldo returning to Manchester United and playing for the Red Devils. He commented on leaving Manchester and living in Morecambe. Fury says, “But if I lived in Manchester. it would be a problem because the town ain’t big enough for both[Ronaldo and Fury] of us.”

Fury vs Wilder 3 Payouts and Undercards:

The payouts and salaries are depending on the sales PPV. They agree to share the revenue 60-40%. Fury will get 60% and Wilder will get 40%. The base purse was 5 million dollars in the previous two fights. It will remain the same this time too. The total approximate guarantee payout for Fury is about 30 million dollars and 20 million dollars for Wilder.

There will be three big fights under the Tyson Fury vs Deontay Wilder.

  • Frank Sanchez vs EfeAjagba
  • Adam Kownacki vs Robert Helenius
  • Jared Anderson vs Vladimir Tereshkin, heavyweights


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