Garcia vs Diaz

The fighting match of Garcia vs Diaz was assigned to take place on the 27th of November, 2021 in Los Angeles, Southern California. This match has been canceled for Ryan Garcia’s hand injury. It may take a long period for recovery.

And only seven days ago before this announcement, the official proclamation of this match was declared and fighters had just agreed to this boxing match.

Before this, Ryan Garcia won the lightweight title against Luke Campbell in January. After that, on 9th July 2021, Garcia vs Javier Fortuna boxing match was organized and Garcia won that match and at that time he wanted to focus on his mental health.

Still, some people think, that was a dramatic knockout. That’s why now Garcia is facing some criticism and allegations that he is not promised enough to his words.

Though Ryan Garcia is receiving this kind of comment, he is quite popular among his viewers and fans who love his technique of boxing. He is an obsolete WBC provisional lightweight title winner and also a social media icon. He has around 9 million followers on social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

On the other hand, Joseph Diaz is an American boxer who losses only one match in his whole career of boxing. He also won the WBC Super Featherweight title in 2018.

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So it was obvious that all viewers were eagerly waiting for 27th November’s match. But it is so unfortunate that hand injury of Garcia had postponed this match.

Ryan Garcia is going to face critical hand Surgery:

For Ryan Garcia, it is a bad year because maybe he won’t be able to come back to the boxing ring this year. The injury of his hand compels an immediate surgery. With a broken hand, it is quite impossible to participate in a boxing match. Garcia has an integral injury on his right wrist. And to fix this injury he has to face hand surgery at Cedar Sinai on Monday. He is hoping that he will recover from this situation very soon.

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He tweeted for his fans and followers, “I want to thank my fans for all the continued support. We are postponing my next fight for a couple of months as a result of a significant hand injury that requires immediate surgery. I will undergo surgery at Cedars-Sinai on Monday.  I promise early 2022 I will return better!”

Then he also added, ” Very unlucky for me this year, breaking my hand from sparring just sealed the deal for this year. I won’t let this stop me from accomplishing my dreams. It’s a bad chapter but not the end of my book.”

All fans and followers of him are praying for his fastest recovery. And Garcia vs Diaz match is not rescheduled yet.


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