Germain vs Claggett 2
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Superhero of the boxing ring is getting ready for their next Germain vs Claggett 2 event. The last time their match was a draw so both of the players will fight with their soul to win the game. Yes, we are talking about two great fighters of this time Mathieu Germain vs Steve Claggett 2(second match).

The ring is bailing, soon they will step into the boxing ring to claim and establish their glory. Fans are crazy about the match. They are eagerly waiting for this boxing gala.

Here we gathered every piece of information on the Germain vs Claggett 2 match. Here we will discuss, who is arranging the game, where the match will take place, previews of Germain vs Claggett 2, how to live stream the whole match, prediction, and some other stuff that might help to know more about the match.

Germain vs Claggett 2: Where and When?

Location: Hilton Quebec, Quebec, Canada

Time: Saturday, 15 March 2021 at 8 PM ET.

TV Channel: FITE TV

Live Stream: Punching Grace

Germain vs Claggett 2 is an upcoming MMA and Boxing match. The match was the first scheduled on April 15. But because of the covid-19 situation, they change the date. Now the match will be held on 15 March 2021. So make sure you don’t have any work to do that night, cause you don’t wanna miss the opportunity to watch one of the biggest rivalry matches.

Germain vs Claggett 2 match will start at 8 PM ET. Check the timetable with your location and see when is the match. Unless you miss it.

The match will take place in Hilton Quebec, Quebec, Canada. The match will be played on the indoor stage. So there will be no spectators allowed. We all have to enjoy the match throughout the mobile phone, PC, laptop, TV, etc.

Germain vs Claggett 2 fight card:

Germain and Claggett won’t play alone in the boxing ring. After the match, there will be also five other cards available at the same event. They are pretty rough and tough matches too. Many, raising champions of boxing will be there. By buying the Claggett vs Germain 2 match you will able to see all the matches. So, let’s have a look at our other contestants in boxing.

  1. Clovis Drolet(11-1-0) vs Jordan McCue(3-1-0)
  2. Sebastian Roy(9-0-0) vs Larone Whyte(6-4-0)
  3. Bree Howling(2-0-0) vs E Hernandez(5-6-1)
  4. Alexandre Gaumont(0-0-0) vs Mikhail Miller(3-4-1)
  5. Kenny Cherry(1-4-0) vs Mathieu Dugay(0-1-0)

Germain vs Claggett 2 fight Preview:

Two years ago, in January 2019 at the Montreal Germain once fight with the Claggett. That was a hugely successful business match for the organizer and obviously, fans were satisfied. But the player was not Germain the “G-Time” and Claggett the “The Dragon” were not fully pleased. Cause the match was a draw, and no one earned the medal of the winner. Their unfinished fight was begun from there. The fire spread out in their heart and body. Only another match could calm them. Both are the players looking to the match and wanna settle things for once and for all.

The match will be controlled by the famous boxing match host Eye of The Tiger Management. After getting decline many times, public health survives finally agrees to the match. These two boxers are now working under the EOTTM agency. The agency said,

“The first clash between Germain and Claggett created a lot of fireworks in addition to being the fight of the year in Canada in 2019. Despite the pitfalls we experienced regarding the postponement of the April 17 gala, we did everything to keep our boxers active and we are proud to be able to offer boxing fans the most highly awaited rematch on Canadian soil.”

EOTTM also give good news to the boxing fans,

“Additionally, we will soon be announcing the next bouts of David Lemieux, Erik Bazinyan, ArslanbekMakhmudov, and Simon Kean,” said EOTTM President Camille Estephan.”

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Germain vs Claggett Prediction:

Knock Out- Claggett Chance 66%- Germain Chance 44%

Winning Possibility- Claggett Chance 79%- Germain 29%

Well, a boxing fight match is one of the greatest twisting plot events. No one can say for sure what is going to happen next. A dying champ could get up and recollect the energy of Hercules, in his body. And then he will change the whole situation. So, it’s very hard to tell what could really happen in the match.

But after calculation of both the player activity, history, fight sense and fight skills, their strength and weakness, boxers current situation and some other stuff, we can come to a point and can give an opinion on who has the best chance to win.

Steve Claggett first appeared in the boxing ring in 2008. Since then he played net 37 matches. Claggett wins 29 of them, loses 6 of them, and 2 draws. Claggett won with a knockout in 19 matches. He is in the boxing field for a long time. Since the begging of his career, Claggett is one of the most talked-about players.

On the other hand, Germain first put his foot into the ring in 2015. He played a total of 21 matches. He won 18 matches, he loses 2, and 1 match was drawn. Germain won by knockout in 8 matches.

Both of the players are of the same age 31.

Claggett is a more active and experienced fighter than Germain. He played 16 more fights than Germain. So, that’s put Germain in a dangerous area. But Germain has managed to overcome this situation last time, maybe he will make the game win this time.

After all the calculations and judge the current situation we could suggest that Claggett has 66% possibly to knock out Germain, while Germain has 44%.

According to another media, Claggett has a 79% winning chance where it’s 29 for Germain.

How to Live Stream Germain vs Claggett 2 fight?

Well, we have talked about many things now it’s time for the real business. How to live stream our favourite boxers match.

The match will be held behind the closed door so can’t enjoy it in person. And that’s a pay-per-view match. So, you can’t watch it for free.

There is two live streaming server that will offer you to watch the Germain vs Claggett 2 event. Let’s see where to live stream it.

Live Stream Claggett vs Germain 2 with Fite TV:

One of the most popular live stream media is Fite TV. They are mainly famous because of their operating range. No matter what countries you live in or staying, Fite TV is available on every edge of the world. From north to south and west to east.

You have to buy the event first to watch it. Claggett vs Germain full event will cost you 9.99 dollars. After buying it from Fite TV, you can use any platform to live stream the match.

Or you could buy the Fite TV subscription, this will cost you 49.99 dollars.

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Live Stream the fight with Punching Grace:

Punching Grace is popular media for watching boxing. They mainly provide boxing events on their site but you could also watch movies and other sports in Punching Grace.

Punching Grace will also broadcast the whole event of Germain vs Claggett 2. You could use Punching Grace to watch the event. To get a Punching Grace subscription you will have to pay 8 dollars.


We have shared almost everything about the Germain vs Claggett match. Now, get your popcorn ready for the game night, and don’t forget to put a bet on your favourite champ.


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