Joshua vs Usyk Predictions
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Anthony Joshua (24-1, 22 KOs) will fight his heavyweight belts against former cruiserweight champion Oleksandr Usyk (18-0, 13 KOs) on Saturday at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium to defend his heavyweight belts. Joshua vs Usyk is going to be the biggest fight of the year.

Joshua has gotten some excellent combinations. He is strong in his punches, his straight and right uppercut will give Usyk a serious challenge. He will also get a high advantage, which will give him a bow.

Usyk is also a dangerous fighter, who is known for his speed and agility. It’s just a matter of time we see who takes the belts with him tonight.

Today we will know about the odds and prediction of the match.

Joshua vs Usyk Predictions:

Joshua has got heavy power and speed. He needs to use them to stop Usyk early in the match. He has the most decorated resume as top heavyweights in the world, he is also a good rounder performer at this time.

Joshua has a great weapon, which is his right hand. After the loss, he has shown patience. He trained hard after that and proved himself as he could clean any opponent in his way.

Joshua has a height advantage over Usyk. He is five-inch taller, which will give him a netter rich.

Dillian Whyte’s prediction:

Dillian Whyte, a Heavyweight fighter thinks that Usyk doesn’t have the firework-like Joshua. He said, “It’s a deadly fight. Usyk hasn’t looked good,” he said, “Who has he fought at heavyweight? Chazz Witherspoon, Derek Chisora. He looked terrible in the fights. He has no punching power.”

Usyk may lack ch power, but he is full of speed, defense, and great accuracy. His pressure can produce fatigue for anyone in the ring.

Joshua said that he had to do lots of works before going to the ring. He said that “He’s fought many orthodox men and during my process in training for a southpaw, I’ve learned where my feet need to be positioned, what controls a southpaw, and generally counterpunches. His biggest threat is he’s used to seeing guys like me throughout the whole of his career and … I’ve had to train for him over the last three months. So yes, I’ve adapted.”

Johnny Nelson’s prediction:

Johnny Nelson a cruiserweight legend has predicted that Joshua will win this match. He said, “I’ve always been a massive fan of Anthony Joshua, it’s never been hidden,” Nelson told Sky Sports.“I’m a fan of Oleksandr Usyk because at cruiserweight I said, “This guy is the heir apparent. I could see him stepping up to heavyweight and making a massive impression like Evander Holyfield back in the day.” He added, “I think Anthony Joshua will be far too big, far too strong, far too sharp, and far too aggressive. And Usyk’s gotta depend on his unorthodox style to try and befuddle Anthony Joshua to get through that fight.

“It’s not an easy fight. So if anybody tries to say this is a done deal, this is not a done deal. This is a tough fight for Anthony Joshua”

Tony Bellew believes that Usyk is going to be the toughest opponent of Joshua. He lost to Usyk in 2018. He said, “As a natural boxer and his technical ability, no one is anywhere near as good a boxer as him in the heavyweight division. He’s in a league of his own,” he told Josh Fordham of TalkSport.

  • Prediction: Joshua will win the match by late Knockout.

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Undercard Predictions:

Okolie vs Prasovic:

Both of them are unbeaten. Okolie is a classic fighter. He has been very impressive after his turning into pro, 13 of his wins came from KO. He also faced many classy opponents and managed to defeat them.  You can not say something about something Prasovic. Okolie may give his opponent the first loss of his career.

  • Prediction: Okolie may defeat Prasovic.

Hatton vs Martinez:

This will be Hatton’s will participate in his fourth match as a professional. He will play against Sonni Martinez.  Campbell has high hopes in this match. Martinez is also a great fighter, but he won’t be able to stand against him.

  • Prediction: Hatton will win the match

Smith vs Castillo:

It is going to be the debut of Smith in the Lightweight Championship. Smith’s debut at light-heavyweight is the story here. Castillo has taken both Marcus Browne and Dmitry Bivol the distance. But it will be difficult for him to stand against Smith tonight.

  • Prediction: UD Smith may defeat Castillo

Maxim Prodan vs Florian Marku:

Prodan has huge experience. It can be a key, but he lacks power, which can cause him a great problem. Marku had a draw with Stewer. It was a fair result and Charltom gave him a lot to think about. This will be a test for both of them.

  • Prediction: Marku may win this one

Ousley vs Baysangurov:

Ousley is a former college footballer player. He started boxing lately but managed to win the national titles. He also qualified for the Olympic trials. Baysngurov has good power and speed. He has also done well in recent games. The game will be a real challenge for both of them

  • Prediction: Ousley will win the match.

Lapin vs Martinuik:

Daniel Lapin has an unbeatable run. He will love to maintain this. Martinuik, who has four wins, all were from the knockouts. So this will be a danger for Lapin.

  • Prediction: Lapin will win the match.

Joshua vs Usyk Odds:

According to FanDuel, the odds of this matchup is given below:

  • Anthony Joshua: -310
  • Oleksandr Usyk: +225
  • Draw: +2300

We can see that Joshua is the favorite at -310. This means it will take $310 to see a profit of $100. Usyk is a +225 underdog. So $100 on him would net $225.


  • Joshua by (T)KO: +115
  • Joshua by decision: +230
  • Used by (T)KO: +750
  • Usyk by decision: +370


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