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Manny Pacquiao is probably the most iconic boxer ever. He painted himself in such a way that gives people hope. His work, career, and fighting inspire thousands of people to follow their dream. He is considered one of the greatest boxers of all time. Even though he lost against Yordenis Ugas in August, it didn’t move his popularity just a bit. He got respect and honour from all around the world for being the most dangerous successful boxer and for being in politics, which he does for helping people.

In 2010, Pacquiao first get involved in politics. His career sure help him a lot to where he is now. His passion, work, activities, and enthusiasm attracts the countries young generation a lot. That helped Mr. Pacquiao to become one of the topper class politicians of the Philippines. He was first a congressman then became a senator. And now his ambition is to be president of the Philippines.

The idea of his running for president comes from an anti-Rodrigo Duterte faction. Duterte is now the current president of the Philippines. And his term of being in the presidential seat will end in 2022. Because of constitutional rule, he can’t fight for the president’s office once more. So, to remain in the power Duterte said he will run for the vice president position. This anti-Duterte organization is now raising Pacquiao as their candidate for the presidential election.

Pacquiao accepted the proposal and during the national assembly, he said, “I am a fighter, and I will always be a fighter inside and outside the ring. I am accepting your nomination as candidate for president of the Republic of the Philippines.” He promised that he will fight against countries’ poverty and corruption. He will wipe out every bad thing from the Philippines.

Duterte said about Pacquiao running for president, “When you are a champion in boxing, it does not mean to say that you are a champion in politics.”

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People’s reaction to Pacquiao’s decision:

Well, Pacquiao is a national hero. He made his country and his people proud. People love him for what he does. But being in the game of politics is hard. Here you don’t fight a visible guy, when responsibility comes one needs to fight very cleverly and with the head not with a feast. A lot of people are still not sure can Pacquiao really fight that invisible problem. So, he got really mixed up warm from the crowd.

Most people raised questions about his lack of experience in the field. He replies, “For those asking what are my qualifications, have you ever experienced hunger? Have you ever experienced having nothing to eat, borrowing money from your neighbors, or waiting for leftovers at a food stall? The Manny Pacquiao that is in front of you was molded by poverty.”

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He believes, his past miserable life will help to work for the poor people. It will help to understand them most.

Pacquiao has had many controversies in the past which could lead him to the unsuccessful zone. He once said, “gay couples are worse than animals”, which causes him to lose the sponsorship. He was once charged for tax evasion. Pacquiao also supported the massacre crackdown on drug trafficking.

There is still a huge possibility for Manny Pacquiao of being the next president of the Republic of the Philippines, time will say where he will put his feet.


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