Mayweather vs Logan Paul Live Info
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So, at least Floyd Mayweather gives fans the shocking news by accepting the bout challenge from Logan Paul. First of all boxing followers thought he is not gonna fight, Paul. But now the flame of the fight has been started. And fans are pretty very much excited about the fight. The Mayweather vs Logan Paul Live fight will take place on June 6.

We all know how dangerous and skillful boxer Mayweather is. He is fighting since 1996. He is the undefeated champion. People say Mayweather is not just a professional fighter he knows the art of fight.

But on the other corner of the ring, Logan Paul is sitting. He surely is a famous celebrity but in the virtual world not in the real world. Paul is a very popular well known YouTuber. And he first makes his appearance in the boxing world in 2019. And yeah, he loses the fight. It was against one of his fellows Youtuber KSI. After losing against KSI, Paul decided to fight against someone more professional. Then he challenged Mayweather to combat with him.  That’s how the battle between Mayweather vs Paul has started.

Though we all can guess the match results and know how it will end, still fans are extremely showing interest in this game. This event is both professional and entertaining at the same time. But Mayweather takes this fight seriously. At the conference he said, he loves to do things differently and this time it is no different.

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So, if you come to find out how to live stream these two celebrate crossover fights then you are in the right place. We already learned about the players it’s time for the real issue. In below, we have described everything you need to know to watch the game, how to live stream the match, where and when it’s taking place, and some other facts. Let’s wait no more and jump into the article.

When and Where is Mayweather vs Paul?

Date: Sunday, June 6, 2021.

Time: 8 PM EST/ 1 AM GMT

Location: Miami, Florida, U.S.A.

Venue: Hard Rock Stadium

The match will take place at Hard Rock Stadium located in Miami on Sunday, June 6, 2021, at 8 PM EST. So, free your schedule for the game night.

How to Live Stream Mayweather vs Logan Paul Fight?

The craze and enthusiasm of this game are high as the sky. The most amazing thing is, people who are not usually boxing fans and watchers are also showing huge interest in this bout. If you ask asked me, I am damn excited about the contest. This game gives us a different vibe. A feeling that usually, we don’t sense in a regular tournament. And exactly, this is what makes this game very attractive.

Anyway, if you are planning to watch the game then you have plenty of options available for this. This is a pay-per-view event, so can’t watch the game free. The match will broadcast on the online live streaming platform Fanmio and Showtime. You could also buy the match on the cable line.

Let’s see where we could stream Mayweather vs Paul match.

Watch Mayweather vs Logan Paul Fight in Fanmio:

Fanmio is a new name in the boxing live streaming industry. As a new member of the streaming group, they are doing very well and boxing lovers are actually liking this server. People share their experience about using Fanmio and from there we found out it has 80 percent of positive reviews. So, yeah very soon this will be the new crown holder of the streaming service.

Fanmio is a boxing live streaming website. They broadcast all boxing-related events. One could get their favorite player’s daily practice, lifestyle, conference videos in here. The website mainly became a popular site at first because of this. Now they are broadcasting fight match and their services is amazing.

To watch Paul vs Mayweather match you have to purchase the PPV match first. It will cost you 49.99 dollars.

Here you can buy the PPV

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Watch Mayweather vs Paul Fight Live on Showtime:

You must be familiar with Showtime streaming. They live telecast boxing, badminton, cricket, football, and other sports as well as movies and TV shows. With Showtime apps we could enjoy lots of shows. And they are like heaven for boxing lovers. One could watch their beloved players all matches with Showtime. They are currently one of the top-ranking live streaming servers in the USA. People from out of the USA also watch Showtime for various purposes. Showtime has a huge fan base from Canada, Australia, New Zealand.

The fight bout between Mayweather and Paul will broadcast on Showtime. If you are from the USA, Canada, Australia, or New Zealand then your best way to enjoy the match is Showtime. And there won’t be any other perfect official site like Showtime where you could live stream the event. So, grab the Showtime apps and enjoy one of the best boxing matches of all time.

The pay-per-view event cost 49.99 dollars. So it will cost you 49.99 dollars to watch the event with Showtime.

Ways to Live Streaming the Fight Worldwide:

Both Mayweather and Paul are famous figures. They have fan followers from all around the globe. So, yes, their fan is waiting for the match. It’s now become an international event. So, how could international viewers enjoy the game? Let’s find out.


UK people are very fond of sports. They enjoy all sorts of games. In the watching list of UK people, you will boxing always at the top. And because of the YouTuber celebrity and former world most powerful boxers event, all the UK fans are looking forward to this game.

So, if you are from the UK, how you are gonna watch the game? Let’s see.

For the UK fans, Sky Sports will broadcast the event. To watch the event with Sky Sports you need Sky Sports Box Office plan. Otherwise, you can’t watch the game on Sky Sports or Sky Sports TV Package. To watch the game with Sky Sports Box Office it will cost you 16.95 pounds.

Australia, Canada, New Zealand:

To watch Mayweather vs Logan Paul live in Australia, Canada, or New Zealand you could use the mother streaming site of the Paul vs Mayweather match. Both Showtime and Fanmio are available in that country. So, watching the game won’t be a problem for them.

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We know, that the player matching isn’t right and Mayweather and Paul have huge differences between them. It was really shocking news when fans heard that Mayweather accept the challenge. Anyway, the YouTuber boy made this happen and he also put a conference with Mayweather. So, you can guess he is into something. Soon, we will find what has been written in Paul’s fate. Enjoy the match.


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