Navarrete vs Gonzalez
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Emanuel Navarrete is going against Joet Gonzalez for the WBO featherweight title in San Diego, California. The Navarrete vs Fonzalez match will start at 8.30 p.m. ET.

Emanuel Navarrete is a Mexican boxer who fought 35 matches and his record is 34-1 with 29 knockouts. In his whole career, he failed to win in only one match.

On the other hand, Joet Gonzalez is an American fighter who fought 25 matches in his whole career. His record is 24-1 with 14 knockouts. He also lost one match in his career.

So, that’s a competition going to be very fascinating. Every boxing enthusiast is eagerly waiting for this match.

Here we will talk about the match start time, venue, how to watch Navarrete vs Gonzalez live stream, fight cards, and prediction.

When and Where is Emanuel Navarrete vs Joet Gonzalez?

The match is taking place at Pechanga Arena San Diego, San Diego, California on October 15, 2021.

The main event of this ring walk is going to happen approximately at  8.30 p.m. ET / 1:30 a.m. BST.

How to Watch Emanuel Navarrete vs Joet Gonzalez Live Stream?

Navarrete vs Gonzalez live stream is available on Viewers who live in the United States can watch this boxing match on ESPN+.

ESPN+ and FITE TV is a very popular and susceptible path to watch Navarrete vs Gonzalez fight live. One can effortlessly enjoy the whole match without facing any dilemma.

Fight Cards:

  1. Emanuel Navarrete vs. Joet Gonzalez going to be played for a super lightweight title.
  2. Giovani Santilla vs. Angel Ruiz match for Welterweight title.
  3. Javier Martinez vs. Darryl Jones; for Middleweight title.
  4. Lindolfo vs. Juan Garcia Mendez; for Junior welterweight title.
  5. Henry Lebron vs. Manuel Rey Rojas; for Junior lightweight title.
  6. Delmonte Randle vs. Antonio Mireles; for Heavyweight title.
  7. Esquiva Falcao vs. Patrick Wojcicki; for Middleweight title.

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Navarrete vs Gonzalez Prediction:

For Emanuel Navarrete, it is an obvious game to win the title. His reach is about 72″. Whenever he gets knock, he puts up with it adequately, and he puts on back more in retrieval. By using his long reach he catches up with opposition very effectively.

On the other hand, Gonzalez’s reach is less than Emanuel’s. Though Gonzalez is a good competitor still probably may not be able to defeat Emanuel Navarrete. Before this Gonzalez got washed by Stevenson. Though Navarrete is not as adequate as Stevenson. But still, he is in one level upper than Gonzalez. Hence, it is just a prognosis that Emanuel will be able to own the title. Indisputably this boxing match is going to be great. For knowing who wins the title this time, Viewers have to keep their eyes on this match till the verge.


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