Olympic Boxing Turned into a zombie fight, Boxer’s try to bite one another ears off

Youness Baalla vs David Nyika
Photo: Sportscasting

2020 Tokyo Olympics is now the main attraction of everyone and especially for sports fans. And from the begging of the Olympics, we have been seeing so many strange things happening in the Olympics. Some facts and rumours are very shocking, no doubt on that.

Remember the time when the rumour spread out that the Tokyo Olympic board providing anti-sex beds to athletes so that no one can bring partners for the night. And that’s how the social distance issue for Covid-19 can be maintained. But the rumour turned into a fake one and the actual point was creating a healthy environment by using lightweight wood cardboard beds.

But what happened this isn’t rumour anymore it’s turned into real facts and footage from the camera proves it. A boxer tried to bite his opponent ear while they were fighting. Do you find this madness funny or a horrifying event? Let us what do you think about it. And now let’s see what actually happened.

Youness Baalla is a Moroccon boxer, he is representing his country in the Tokyo Olympics. He had a match with New Zealand boxer David Nyika. Everything was going well in the match, just like a normal boxing match should go. Even while the match was ongoing no notice that terrific accident. After the match, Nyika claimed that Baalla tried to bite his ear. The news spread out very rapidly and shocked everyone.

When they recheck the match footage it turns out Baalla really bite the ear of Nyika while the pair was clinching. Thanks to God that, Nyika came out from the boxing ring with both of his ears intact.

Youness Baalla
Photo: Daily Mail

This biting took place at the final moment of the match. It was at the final round of their last 16 heavyweight bouts and Baalla was trailing Nyika on points third points. At that time both were clinching and Baalla attempt this shameless deed.

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Biting Match of Mike Tyson and what’s been saying on this matter

The same thing happened in past, a long time ago. It was 1997, at Madison Square, the was between Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield for the world title. Everything was going well but then of a sudden Tyson bit Holyfield’s ear. Tyson got fired from boxing for 15 months. People call the match the bite fight. Now there are two-bite fights in history.

This time Nyika got out of this accident safely cause Baalla was wearing a mouthguard and Nyika’s ear was a bit sweaty. Nyika said, “He didn’t get a full mouthful. Luckily he had his mouthguard in and I was a bit sweaty.” Nyika also said, “He almost lost the plot completely there. That could have been an act of absolute madness”

Nyika won the after all against Baalla by 5-0. Probably that’s what makes Baalla crazy at the final moment. Nyika also expressed his discontent about the referee and said, “Did you see that? I don’t think the ref saw it. She was the closest one.”

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