Pacquiao vs Spence Live Stream Guide
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After a long time once again we will see Manny Pacquiao on the boxing ring. This time his opponents will another superstar undefeated boxer Errol Spence Jr. Pacquiao vs Spence match is now the main highlight of boxing. The fight excitement is growing rapidly.

Fans from all over the place putting bets, debating with each other over who will win, and at the end of all discussion, everyone is waiting to watch the fight between the world’s two strongest boxers.

Both of the players Pacquiao and Spence are really good at their job. They both are equally strong and good at self-defense. Both have a record to smash their enemy to the ground. Every boxer in the world fears these two champions. Both of them know how to destroy the opponents and take control of the match. So, it will be one of the toughest matches of all time.

Though there are so many common factors noticeable between these two yet there are huge differences you would find between them. Pacquiao is a very senior boxer than Spence. There is a huge diversity between Pacquiao’s and Spence experienced. And so many other things made these two boxers different and at the time their qualification links them together.

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Here we made an article on the fight of Pacquiao vs Spence. We will talk about where and when the match will take place, how to live stream the fight, fight prediction, player’s current status, and some facts that you might enjoy.

Okay, let’s get started.

Manny Pacquiao vs Errol Spence: Date and Venue

Pacquiao vs Spence fight is now only one month ahead of us. Soon, we will see these two greatest boxers of all time, fighting in the same ring for pride and glory.

The fight date and location are now fixed. If everything goes well then this will be the final returning fight for Pacquiao. Pacquiao vs Spence will take place at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas on August 21.

The time isn’t officially fixed yet. But the ring walks for Pacquiao vs Spence are expected from 12 am on Sunday morning USA time.

How to Live Stream Manny Pacquiao vs Errol Spence Jr?

Did you mark the fight date on your calendar? Cause if you haven’t done it already, just do it now or you may miss the match. Now, the living streaming part. Let’s see what options we have to watch Pacquiao vs Spence Jr fight.

This is a pay-per-view event. So, there is a very slight chance that you can watch it free (there is some way of free live streaming, we will let you know the method below). There will be no TV channel coverage available for the bout, sad news for cable users.

But the whole game will be available on the online platform. With an online platform streaming service, you could watch the event from anywhere you want. This also gives you access to stream every kind of sport in every place.

There are currently two-channel officially announce that they will broadcast the event. Both are for US dwellers, the Fox Sports and Showtime. The match will also be broadcast in the UK and other countries but the streaming channel name still hasn’t been announced.

There are officially two-channel announced that they will broadcast the match, both are from the USA. Soon, we will let know which channel will broadcast the game in the UK and other countries. Probably the UK broadcasting will be under BT Sport’s control. Let’s see where to watch Pacquiao vs Spence live streaming.

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Fox Sports TV:

Fox Sports is one of the most uses media in the whole world. People from all over the world watch Fox Sports’ online content every day. It’s a top-ranked streaming platform in the USA. The main owner of the site is Fox Corporation. Fox Sports is a co-branch of Fox Corporation. Fox Sports cover all sorts of sports-related content. With Fox Sports apps we could live stream any games you want.

Though fox sports is free the Pacquiao vs Spence fight isn’t. The PPV price isn’t fixed, check later and we will update the content, adding the price.


Showtime is another premium cable and online channel from the USA that is now everyone’s favourite platform for live streaming movies, series, and sports. With Showtime we could watch both entertaining and sports-related content. They create their own original series and movies. Besides that, they also broadcast all the sports-related events. Showtime is now a heavy opponent of channels like HBO.

If you are planning to watch Pacquiao vs Spence then that’s your best suitable channel. To watch the game on Showtime, at first you have to buy their subscription. For the monthly subscription, it will cost you 10.99 dollars with 30 days of a free trial.

Pacquiao vs Spence Prediction and Players Stats:

A boxing match is the most twisting place on earth. The thrill and the excitement get high at every moment. Anything could happen on the ring, no one could possibly tell who will come as a winner of the game. So, yes it’s hard to give an opinion or making predictions on who will win the game.

After some calculation and analyzing the player’s current situation we could call the winning percentage. So, let’s see who have the highest chance of winning the match.

There is no doubt that Pacquiao is a legendary player. He was absent from boxing for a long time, later in 2019 he returned to the ring and it won him the WBA World Welterweight championship title. Pacquiao plays a total of 71 matches. He won 62 of them and lose 7 of them and 2 was a draw, he won by knock out 39 matches.

Pacquiao and Spence Fight Date Venue
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On the other hand, Spence is still a kid in front of Pacquiao’s experience. But this kid has a strong background. He is an undefeated champion. Spence total played 27 matches and he made every one of the games in his favour, no lose no draw. He won by knockout 21 matches.

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Though Pacquiao is a more experienced boxer Spence is the younger one. Spence held more energy than Pacquiao. Spence also has 5 inches height advantage over Pacquiao.

After analyzing both players’ past game conditions and their playing style we could say that Spence’s chance of a win by knockout is 78% percent and Pacquiao’s chance of a win is 63%.


Pacquiao is considered one of the greatest boxers of all time. His appearance in the boxing ring made the enemy afraid. And he knows very well how to chirrup the audience. So people love to watch his match most. And Spence Jr. is also the most popular player among the younger boxing celebrity. The fight will be between the two greatest players from two different generations. So miss the fight by any chance. And recheck the post for updated news.


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