Pacquiao vs Ugas

Manny Pacquiao is returning after two years. This time he going to face WBA welterweight titleholder Yordenis Ugas. There is been a lot going about the game. So much changing and so much thrill.

Here will talk about the match previews, prediction, how to live stream Pacquiao vs Ugas, date, time, prediction, fight cards, and some other facts that may enjoy.

So, let’s get started.

When and Where is Manny Pacquiao vs Yordenis Ugas?

Pacquiao vs Ugas fight is going take place at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

And it’s set to play on Saturday, 21 August at 9 p.m. ET, 2 a.m. BST.

Pacquiao vs Ugas Fight Cards:

Pacquiao vs Ugas is not the only game in that event. The organizer arranges some other matches too.

Let’s see what other cards we have for that event.

Main Event:


  • Robert Guerrero vs Victor Ortiz
  • Mark Magsayo vs Julio Ceja
  • Carlos Castro vs Oscar Escandon
  • Frank Martin vs Ryan Kielczweski
  • Jose Valenzuela vs Esteban Sanchez
  • Steven Torres vs Justin Rolfe
  • Burley Brooks vs Cameron Rivera
  • John Dato vs Angel Contreras
  • Mikel Spencer vs TBA

Fight preview:

Pacquiao was taking training very hard for his fight night on Saturday night, August 21. Everything was ready and they were about the make entry.

But, something bad happened with Earl Spencer, the opponents of Pacquiao. The fight preparation was ongoing for a long time. But everything collapses when Spencer got an eye injury during the time in his training camp.

Well, that’s broke everyone’s heart. All the boxing fans were looking forward to this match. A new history could be written on that day if Pacquiao vs Spencer match took place.

Anyway, instead of Spencer, now Pacquiao will face another great boxer YordenisUgas. Well, lots of people think that Ugas isn’t the right one for Pacquiao.

People think that way because of Ugas’ previous matches’ history. But, Ugas is a dangerous boxer too. He is younger and stronger than Pacquiao.

It’s Pacquiao’s greatness that he didn’t turn down such a boxer like Ugas to fight. Most of the boxers avoid games on such short notice. Pacquiao said, “I want to tell the fans that I do not take Ugas lightly. It will be a great fight. It will be aggressive and I know I will make the fans happy.”

On the other hand, it’s a great opportunity for Ugas to earn back his pride. At the conference, he said, “I am someone who comes to fight and leave everything.”

Now, that’s the case of an early fixed game of Pacquiao vs Spencer. On the game night, we will see what Pacquiao can do against his unaware opponent.

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How to Live Stream Manny Pacquiao vs Yordenis Ugas?

Pacquiao vs Ugas live stream has lots of ways to watch. But it will only be available on the live streaming platform, not on any tv channel.

Our first suggestion for the USA boxing lover is Showtime. They live telecast boxing, badminton, cricket, football, and other sports as well as movies and TV shows. With Showtime apps we could enjoy lots of shows. And they are like heaven for boxing lovers. The whole Pacquiao vs Ugas will be available here.

Secondly, you can go to Fox TV. They broadcast all sorts of sports and other shows there site. They will share the Pacquiao vs Ugas too on their platform.

The third option to watch Pacquiao vs Ugas is on Fight TV. That’s the most popular streaming platform on the earth. They hold a huge range of telecasting areas.

The game is pay per view event so you can’t watch it free. On every platform, it cost the same, 74.95 dollars.

If you are from the UK then you have to go to the Sky Sports channel. They are official broadcasters from the UK. If you are a Sky subscriber then you could watch them without any cost. And if you don’t own the subscription then, you have to buy it first.

Pacquiao vs Ugas Prediction:

A match between Pacquiao vs Ugas is very complex. There is a lot to discuss but at the same time, there is so many difference between these two. So, it made the match quite unstable and leave the match completely obscure. Here we made a prediction on the upcoming match Pacquiao vs Ugas by applying maths and other facts. So, let’s see who is our possible winner.

Pacquiao is 42 years old boxer. He has gone through a lot. He fought his last fight two years ago in 2019. It was a match against Keith Thurman. Pacquiao won the match at first round by knockout. He has always been the best player. But in his three recent fights, he acts a little slow. Which could be very harmful to him.

On the other hand, Ugas is a bit, unstable player. Nobody thinks he has a perfect style for fighting. But in his last fight, he did a great job, though he lost by split decision. To his advantage, he is very fast and can change place in no time. Well, that could be helpful in a fight against Pacquiao.

At every odds, Pacquiao is a favorite championship. But Ugas is also a capable fighter for the WBA title and Pacquiao has aged a lot. So to win the match, Pacquiao will have to work hard. And he is a better chance to win the match.


Well, we have described pretty everything you need to know about the game. If there is anything more you wanna know then let us know in the comment section. And, the last piece of free advice for you, if you are a little short on money then you could check social media, you may free live streaming option there.


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