Paul Gallen vs Kris Terzievski

Paul Gallen will fight against Kris Terzievski in a 10-round heavyweight fight on Wednesday, May 11. Here, you will know when, where, and how to watch the Gallen vs Terzievski online and the odds and predictions.


Paul Gallen will be making his first appearance since his victory over Lussick in late December, while Terzievski will be making his first appearance since his unanimous decision victory against Waikato Falefehi in March, making a speedier turnaround.

Garside, who beat Matet on March 5, will be fighting on only a five-week rest period, while McFerran won a four-round unanimous decision in October.

Terzievski has been competing as a professional boxer for the last five seasons. Kris was born on April 4, 1991, in Craigieburn, Victoria, Australia, to a family of four. He is presently a resident of Melbourne, Victoria, in the Australian state of Victoria.

Kris Terzievski’s final bout was on March 5, 2022, when he faced Waikato Falefehi in Auckland, New Zealand. Terzievski was victorious in a unanimous judgment (UD).

There will also be fights of Harry Garside and Layton McFerran (10 rounds at lightweight); Nikita Tszyu and Mason Smith (six rounds at super-welterweight); Sam Goodman and Fumiya Fuse (10 rounds at super-bantamweight), and many more in the card.

When is Paul Gallen vs. Kris Terzievski?

Date: The fight will be held on Wednesday, May 11, 2022.

Time: The fight will start at 4 am ET, 7 pm AEDT. Expect Gallen and Terzievski to fight after 10 pm AEDT.

Location: The fight will take place at the Newcastle Entertainment Centre. The venue has a capacity of 5000 people. Buy your tickets and watch the event from the venue.

How to Watch Paul Gallen vs. Kris Terzievski on TV and Online?

Foxtel has reserved all the right to show the Gallen vs Terzievski live on their channel. It will be available at Foxtel’s Main Event. You will need to buy the pay-per-view to watch the event on your streaming device. The pay-per-view will cost you  $59.95. So, buy the package and start watching this exciting event right now.

Fans without Foxtel will also be able to purchase the event through the live streaming service Kayo Sports.

Fight Cards:

Main card:

  • Paul Gallen vs. Kris Terzievski (10 rounds at heavyweight)
  • Harry Garside vs. Layton McFerran (10 rounds at lightweight)
  • Nikita Tszyu vs. Mason Smith (six rounds at super-welterweight)
  • Sam Goodman vs. Fumiya Fuse (10 rounds at super-bantamweight)
  • Hass Hamdan vs. Trent Girdham (six rounds at welterweight)
  • Amber Wright vs. Sara Jalonen (five rounds at featherweight)


  • Hironiri Mishiro vs. Francis Chua (eight rounds at lightweight)
  • Linn Sandstrom vs. Floryvic Montero (eight rounds at super-flyweight)


Paul Gallen $1.50 Kris Terzievski $2.60
Harry Garside $1.13 Layton McFerran $6
Nikita Tszyu $1.07 Mason Smith $9
Sam Goodman $1.08 Fumiya Fuse $7.50


Gallen and Terzievski are both deserving adversaries. It is tough to anticipate which fighters will come out on top in the fight. Gallen is a more experienced fighter, and his shots are more forceful than those of his opponents. Still, I believe Paul Gallen will win by technical knockout in the championship match.

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