Paul vs Woodley 2 Date Time Venue Confirmed
Photo: CBS Sports

Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley 2 has unexpectedly come along and become the most exciting fight of upcoming boxing headlines. There was been a lot of talking ongoing for the last few months about facing Woodley and Paul for the second time. But Paul wasn’t serious about Woodley after defeating him in August.

Paul did say that he will meet Woodley but later, Paul fixed a match with Tommy Fury the half-brother of boxing king Tyson Fury. The deal between Paul and Fury was made in early October. Everything was set and both players were talking heavy preparation for the fight.

Paul vs Fury fight was scheduled for December 18 which will come just in two weeks. But today Fury suddenly announced that he will not attend into the ring to fight, Paul. Paul also confirmed the news and he was kinda pissed off with this cancellation.

As of now, Fury is unable to fight Paul, so the YouTuber brings back his old enemy, Woodley. Woodley also responds to this fight on very short notice. Moreover, Woodley was requesting the fight since his first loss and he continued his training to beat Paul this time. So, on December 18, instead of Fury, Paul vs Woodley 2 fight will b held.

Why Tommy Fury Pulled Out?

Tommy Fury has a made very good career line since his joining in professional boxing. He would be the perfect opponent for Paul. Everyone thinks that would be the real boxing match for Paul for the first time in his career. But unfortunately, it got canceled.

Just before the two weeks of the final day, Fury says that he is under injury so he won’t able to fight right now.

After the news, Paul says, “I’m disappointed but not surprised. Tyson Fury has pulled out of 5 fights himself. Remember Tommy didn’t show up to the press conference either. Tommy Fumbles has officially fumbled the biggest payday of his life. Now he’ll be watching at home paying me $60 instead of getting paid millions of dollars to fight me. He (Tommy) was scared.”

When and Where is the Paul vs Woodley 2 take place?

Paul vs Woodley rematch will take place on December 18 at 9 PM ET in Tampa, Florida, at the Amalie Arena. The will be broadcast by Showtime. The fight price isn’t fixed yet.

Paul vs Woodley 2 could be a huge opportunity for Woodley to come back on his feet. His first loss against Paul the last August was very tragic. It was the only single loss in Woodley’s career. He was defeated by Paul in the fourth round by a split decision. Though in the begging Woodley was so close to the victory.

Soon, after losing the match Woodley asked for a rematch. Then Paul was a bit dramatic with everything. He said he will fight again but with one condition that Woodley has to get a tattoo of “I love Jake Paul” in any part of his body. Woodley did make a tattoo of “I love Jake Paul” on his middle finger. Paul also offered Woodley that if Woodley can win the fight by knockout then Paul will give him an extra $500,000.

Even after the tattoo on the middle finger, Paul dismiss the rematch and set a deal with Fury. But now, Fury is out of reach so Woodley is back again.


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