Signani vs Diaz Broadcast Guide
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Matteo Signani will fight against Ruben Diaz tonight for the European middleweight title. Keep reading this article for Signani vs Diaz live stream, start time, venue, undercards, and prediction of this match.

When and where is Matteo Signani vs Ruben Diaz?

Signani vs Diaz is taking place at the Palazzo Dello Sport in Milan, Rome, Northern Italy.

The card will start at 2 pm ET. The main card will begin at 5 pm ET.

How to Watch Signani vs Diaz Live Stream?

Signani vs Diaz live stream is available on DAZN. DAZN is the most popular live streaming service across the world. They maintain all levels of sports broadcasting. It’s the online version of DAZN.

To live to steam Signani vs Diaz fight with DAZN you will have the subscription first. It will cost you 19.99 dollars per month. You can also purchase an annual package which will cost only $99.99 per year. With an annual membership, you will have to pay only 8.33 dollars per month which is much cheaper.

You can also use some other popular sites too, like- Google Chromecast, Android TV, Sling TV, YouTube TV, etc. They have the DAZN channel on their platforms. So, watching the game will be easy with this server.

Who is Matteo Signani?

Signani is an Italian boxing player who is around 42 years old. The number of his total tournament is 38 in his whole career. His record is 30-5-3 with 11 knockouts. And his height is about  5’10” which helps him to obtain a good reach on the bout.

Who is Ruben Diaz?

Diaz is a Spanish boxer. He is also 42 years old but about 5 months younger than Signani. He fought around 30 fights in his whole career. His record is 26-2-2 with 17 knockouts. In case of height, he is 5’11”. Diaz has a bit more approach of reach than Signani.

Fight Card:

In this boxing tournament, five matches will be in bouts before Signani and Diaz’s fight. Here is the fight card:

  1. Matteo Signani vs. Ruben Diaz will play in 12 rounds for the European middleweight title.
  2. Mauro Forte vs. Francesco Grandelli will face off in 12 rounds for the EU featherweight title.
  3. Francesco Russo vs. Tony Dixon will go head to head in 10 rounds for the super-welterweight title.
  4. Maria Cecchi vs. Bec Connolly will occur in 8 rounds for the super-bantamweight title.
  5. Armando Casamonica vs. Mauro Loli will play in 6 rounds for the super-lightweight title.
  6. Serhiy Demchenko vs. Hrvoje Sep will be bouts in 6 rounds for the light-heavyweight title.


The Italian boxer Signani will give his best to save his European crown. But Diaz fights on another level with unique techniques. So it is too much tough to say that who will win.

If we look into previous records, certainly it is clear that Signani has more experience than Diaz. He fought 38 matches and won 30 matches while Diaz fought 30 matches and won 26 matches.

In the boxing world, it is very easy to lose reputation in one night. Signani is aware of these things. So we hope that he will give extraordinary effort to defend his European middleweight title and this match will go in Signani’s favor.


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