Trout vs Davila
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Legacy Management has set another bout in Dubai. In the main event, there will be Austin Trout the former WBA world champion. And we will see another renowned Mexican fighter Alejandro Davila, he will be there to stop Trout and to glorious his own name. Trout vs Davila will be a 10 round match under the Super-Welterweight division.

Here we prepared an article on the Trout vs Davila match for the boxing fans. We will talk about where, when, how to live stream, undercards, and prediction of the match. So, let’s get into the fight details.

When is Austin Trout vs Alejandro Davila?

Austin Trout the American beast boxer was named for a fight against Alejandro Davila the Mexican giant. Time passes by soon and two players have prepared hardly themselves for show night. And the fight is fixed to kick-off on-

Friday 13, August at 10 PM EST in the USA and 7 PM in the UK.

So, be prepared for tonight’s fight, and don’t forget to bring beers while returning home from work.

Where is Austin Trout vs Alejandro Davila Fight?

Trout and Davila both are very remarkable boxing players. Where ever these two players go, people gathered and the crowd shouts their names. They never meet each other before and so the begging of this rivalry brings so much suspense and thrill into the spot. The match will take place at the-

Hotel Atlantis The Palm, Dubai, UAE.

The match rousing vibe has spread all over the world from middle earth.


Trout vs Davila isn’t the only fight in this event. There will be some other undercards too for the viewers. And all the undercard fights look pretty damn hardy too. Let’s see, how many match fans will get to enjoy.

Main event:

  1. Austin Trout vs Alejandro Davila


  1. Anthony Sims Jr vs Hernan David Perez
  2. Mike Perez vs Tony Salam

Where to Live Stream Austin Trout vs Alejandro Davila Fight?

You may find the live streaming process of Trout vs Davila a bit hard. Cause not many channels are going to show the event. Only a few streaming sites have the authority to broadcast the whole event. After reading our suggestion and guidelines for live streaming, you can easily get access to fight to stream. Let’s start-

The only live streaming platform that has the right to broadcast the event is Fite TV. Fite TV is one of the most popular sites in the whole world. They hold the largest operating area, everyone could watch the game easily without any outside help. Even if you face any problem then use a free VPN.

The Trout vs Davila match is a PPV event. So can’t watch them for free (there are back door watching for the free watcher, we will talk about it later). The match will cost you 9.99 dollars. Buy the event from Fite TV’s official website. And then you could the match in any device you want.

Only the main event cost 9.99 dollars but if you wanna enjoy the full play cards then this will cost you three more dollars. The whole event charges 12.99 dollars.

The fight will also air through YouTube, social media, and some random websites. If you are a little short on money then look for those social media pages and websites to live steam the whole match.

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As we always say, predicting a fighting match is harder than predicting the global war. Here in boxing, so many things need to calculate for the possible winning chance. And many things come across while making this percentage. Yet, it will be just a prediction, not the final result. But this will help you to select the one for voting. So, let’s find out who is our winning champion.

Austin Trout is a very popular boxer. He is playing professional boxing for a long time now. He had won a total of 33 matches, lost 5, and draw one time. He won the last five of his match in a row. Trout is a more experienced boxer than Davila. He is ranked number 6 by the IBF at super welterweight.

On the other hand, Davila will step into the ring with the record of winning 21 games, lose 1 match, and 2 draws. He is kinda unbeatable and a very energetic champion. In his last few fights, Davila showed outstanding performance.

These were the basic facts and after examining player’s other sides we could say that Trout has a 55% chance to knock out Davila, where Davila’s chance is 38%. This will be an exciting bout.


This was pretty much everything about tonight’s fight Trout vs Davila. Guess you got all information you were looking for. And if you wanna anything else, let us know in the comment section, we will be happy to help.

Good luck watching Trout vs Davila bout.


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