Tyron Woodley vs Jake Paul: Date, Live stream, Prediction
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Finally, a worthy opponent! After overwhelming MMA fighter Ben Askren in a recent fight, YouTuber Jake Paul is ready to box former UFC champion Tyron Woodley next.

Woodley (19-7) was recently axed by the UFC following four consecutive losses. He had last won a UFC fight against Darren Till back in September 2018.

His beef with Paul’s camp was fuelled when he cornered Askren against Paul. A video kept circulating on social media where Paul and his cornermen could be seen engaging in an altercation with the former UFC titleholder.

According to ESPN journalist Ariel Helwani, the boxing match will take place at 190 lbs.

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The YouTuber is currently 3-0, beating Ben Askren in his last ring outing with a first-round TKO in April 2021.

His previous victims were Deji Olatunji (ComedyShortsGamer) and former NBA star Nate Robinson. He was once again in the spotlight in April 2021 after thumping a professional fighter for the first time.

Since the fight, Paul has enticed several UFC stars including Conor McGregor and Welterweight Champion Kamaru Usman to ditch the octagon for a boxing contest against him.

In order to lure them into fighting, he even posted a parody script on his social media platforms, imitating the fighters’ accents.

When is Tyron Woodley vs Jake Paul?

Jake Paul has affirmed on social media that the boxing match will take place on August 28.

However, a venue hasn’t been confirmed yet.

How to watch Tyron Woodley vs Jake Paul?

You can catch the Woodley vs Paul fight live on ESPN. The live stream will be available to those who have acquired paid subscription.


Despite being 39, Tyron Woodley is by far the toughest opponent for Jake Paul. Woodley has the skillset to hand Paul his first professional boxing loss.

His epic run in the UFC speaks volume of his boxing skills as well. Nonetheless, he is far better than Ben Askren when it comes to striking and having a strong chin.

This means that he is not going down to the canvas against Paul without putting up a fight. Tyron Woodley is still in great shape despite being past his prime.

He has never participated in a professional boxing match before though. The fight wouldn’t have been possible had Woodley still been a UFC fighter.

UFC President Dana White is strictly against putting up any of his MMA stars in a boxing fight against the Paul brothers.

On the other hand, Jake Paul has released a statement after the Woodley fight was contracted.

“… I am excited to knock the first one off the list by challenging myself against a five-time UFC champion known for his knockout power. Tyron’s a seasoned striker who has fought the best in the world. I certainly respect his career, but I will be sending Tyron into a permanent siesta on August 28,” Paul said.

“Maybe this time [UFC president] Dana White will actually be a man and put his money on his former champion instead of trying to undermine my success like a jealous ex. Influencer vs MMA: let’s get it on. It’s showtime.”



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