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Tyson Fury revealed his bucket list where he gonna destroy Whyte, AJ, and Chisora. Then he is gonna take a little retirement. What do you think?

Tyson Fury is one of the most dangerous and fearsome boxers of all time. He is well known as the Gypsy King. Since 2018 he is in the number one ranking of WBC Challenger. He won the world heavyweight champion two times and put his name tag among the world’s top-class boxers.

Gypsy King is considered the number one boxer at this time. He has never lost a single match in his entire life. Once he had a draw with Deontay Wilder in 2018. So, everything that comes out of his mouth has some seriously strong background. His word is not an empty threat or desire in the balloon.

Recently Fury had an interview with BT Sports where he expressed his fighting wishes before going to retirement. In his list, we saw Dillian Whyte, Anthony Joshua (Fury wants to beat Joshua twice he mentioned), and his close friend Derek Chisora.

Fury said about his plan, “I have a bucket list and my next five fights in mind.” Well, he was scheduled to Joshua but the US Judge put him in a fight against Wilder which is his most upcoming fight. And after shut down Wilder once again Fury will go hunting down Whyte.

He said, “I am going to have a December fight after this. It’s Wilder on October 9 – Dillian Whyte in December in a UK stadium where I will shut him up once and for all.”

After the Whyte, in his list the next fighter is Joshua. Fury said about Joshua, “it’ll happen in March(2022).” Fury also added, “Then Joshua in March in Saudi Arabia and then a rematch back here in Wembley.”

After Joshua, Fury will face one of friend and business partner Chisora. He said, “Then I will fight Chisora in my fifth and final fight.” After his last fight with Chisora, Fury is willing to take two years’ vacation.

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He added on the interview, “That’s five fights. Then I’ll take two years out of the ring, just going absolutely nuts again Frank and I’ll come back at 37 and wipe the floor with whoever’s next because it’ll take two years to build someone up.”

Tyson Fury’s upcoming fight with Deontay Wilder:

At the beginning of the next month (October 9), Fury will face Wilder for the third time. The last time these world boxing leaders fought each other was in 2020 February. Fury got a huge victory on that match, won by knockout at around seven. And before that in 2018, the first fight between Fury and Wilder was turned into a draw. So this time Wilder will try his best to take revenge but we all know how hard it is to bring down the undefeated champion Tyson Fury.

Since the last fight of Fury vs Wilder, no one step into the fight ring. This October both champions will play for the first time after a long time.


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