Fury vs Whyte
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Everyone is excited to know about the Fury’s next fight. And in all possible ways, it’s Dillian Whyte. Whyte is also looking forward to meeting Fury. We have calculated everything about how and why the next big fight is Fury vs Whyte.

Fury just got the victory of his third clash against Wilder. It was one of the most important bouts of the year, plush the Joshua vs Usyk match too. Now, both are finish and boxers are planning their future matches design. And there is a lot of talking out there about who will fight whom in their next battle.

Probably the Fury’s win over Wilder makes things more clear. And to be honest, the plan and prediction of WBC were going kinda like this. Cause no one didn’t put much hope onto the Bronze Bomber. Though Wilder showed amazing performance, he manage to drop Fury on the ground two times in the same round. No, doubt it was pretty good.

Whyte is searching for a way to regain his title and honor back. He will take every chance to be in the form once again. And looks like Fury is his biggest chance to do so. Last year Whyte lost his title when he was beaten by Alexander Povetkin. Well in the rematch he won the WBC interim belt. But the topped needs a big number.

Before the fight of Fury vs Whyte, WBC declares if boxers can’t make a deal with opponents then WBC will set them up with the mandatory interim titleholder. And as the Fury and Wider are not going for the fourth time shot then it will be Whyte. But why not Usyk? Well, you will talk about the bellow.

When the matter first came up about Fury’s next fight with Whyte, he says, “That’s something I’ve not been told or am even interested in right now.”

“me, my team, we’ll all sit down and make a decision on what’s next.”

“Just for the record, I can beat them all. Every single one of them was put together. They can’t beat me, none of them can beat me.”

Fury has relieved his plan for the next fight, before Wilder vs Fury 3. Where made to beat all the legendary champions of boxing and then go to retirement.

Why not Usyk vs Fury and Whyte obstacle before the Fury bout:

Well, Whyte is a legendary boxer, and no doubt on that. However, his loss against the Povetkin raised a lot of talk. But he proved all the critics wrong later few months of defeat. Whyte’s next fight is against Otto. Though his capability to defeat Whyte is questionable. And all the fans, critics, and analysts taking Whyte’s side.

Fury’s promoter Bob Arum disagrees with the fact of winning Whyte. He says, “Last time he [Whyte] was mandatory, he fought Alexander Povetkin and got knocked on his a*****.”

“Let me tell you, this Wallin is a hell of a fighter and I look for Wallin to clearly beat Whyte, so I’m not even taking it into consideration. I don’t think Whyte gets by Wallin. Wallin’s a really good fighter and I don’t think Whyte’s a good fighter.”

The Otto vs Whyte match is on October 30 and then we will know for sure.

And, about the fight of Fury vs Usyk. It could come into the middle of Fury’s fight with Whyte. But it won’t, cause then Joshua will have to withdraw from their rematch fight. And as far now, Joshua is very likely to meet Usyk again and the Brits want to take revenge for his past loss. So no, if everything goes well then we will Fury vs Whyte bout at the end of December.


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