Wow, we have just completed a historical trilogy of fights. And doesn’t satisfy the boxing lovers? Duh bro, fans are extremely pleased with the whole fight. The Wilder vs Fury 3 match was the best fight of the year and probably it will remain the best till the year’s end.

World’s most beloved WWE fighter and Hollywood top-class actor Dwayne Johnson comment about the fight. He says it was the best fight he ever saw in his entire life and he congratulates his friends and the winner the boss of boxing the one and only Tyson Fury.

Ever since the fight was scheduled, Fury was very excited about the final shot with Wilder. And if you follow him then you just how confident he was since begging. Fury knew that he will win from the very begging. He even made a plan what to do next after bearing Wilder. He mocked Wilder and mocked Wilder’s training stuff and lastly, he also gave advice to Wilder on how to play against Fury. We guess Wilder didn’t listen to those guidelines. But anyway, Fury kept his promise and remain undefeated with his WBC title.

Some people really do feel bad about what happens with Wilder. Wilder’s fans put a lot of hope on him. Although we are familiar with Fury’s capabilities but still thought Wilder’s training and preparation may take down the Gypsy King finally. But it’s Fury and you can’t take him down unless we come from the mythology of Greek warriors.

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How Fury did it:

Fury finished off the Americans in round 11 with chopping right hand fired from high in the air. And then the writer of history put his pen down and declare the Fury the winner of the match. Fury climb up in the rope while Wilder was lying on the ground. The moment will be remembered for a long time.

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From the begging Wilder was doing a good job against Fury. The first two rounds go very well for both of them. They were adjusting themselves in the ring. And in the next round Fury made the first knockout by dropping Wilder on the ground. Well, in the next round, round 4 Wilder put a hell of a show. He dropped Fury two times at the last moment. Fury was kinda responsible too for knocking. He tried to hold to Wilder’s waist for attacks. But Wilder uses techniques to slip Fury away. And when Fury gets, Wilders puts him on the ground with his punches.

For next they both play kinda safe. Cause aggressive fight was highly risky on that bout. And in round 10 Fury again put down Wilder’s face on the ground. But Wilder manage come up. Sadly, coming back didn’t long last. In the next round 11, Fury finally shut down Wilder and protect his WBC champion title.

Wilder has a good chance in the match but he made the same mistake as he always did in the past. He was taking too much time to engage in the fight. He seemed to lack confidence and was afraid. That’s what keeps him from fighting bravely. He was thinking of more blocking than through his nuclear punches. He took training in head movement. Which could be a great help if he tried. Plus the worst thing about Wilder was, he didn’t change a bit of his playing style. He always followed the same pattern with all of his enemies. And Fury was familiar with it from the past two fights. So, the Gypsy king knew how to stop the Americans.

These two boxers end their bout. Probably we won’t see them sharing the same ring. Fury already has a plan for his future. I Hope Wilder also recovers from his loss.

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Undercards result of Wilder vs Fury 3:

Frank Sanchez got victory over EfeAjagba via unanimous decision.

Robert Helenius took down Adam Kownacki via sixth-round TKO.

Jared Anderson finished off Vladimir Tereshkin via second-round TKO.

Edgar Berlanga defeated Marcelo Coceres via unanimous decision

Vladimir Hernandez defeated Julian Williams via split decision


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