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Freddie Roach is considered one of the best coaches of all time, in the history of boxing. All the boxers that worked under his observations turn into great fighters. His teaching method is more than amazing it’s like the God of strength and power teaching someone how to survive in hell.

All the superstar fighters want to join his gym and take advice from him. Freddie Roach is famous for training the world champion Manny Pacquiao, former WBC middleweight champion Julio César Chávez Jr., former UFC middleweight and three-time welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre and so many other boxing dominators.

So, taking help and advice from Roach will definitely help Tyson Fury to win the game against Wilder. The rivalry between Wilder and Fury has a long history. In the recent boxing universe, both Fury and Wilder are first-class fighters. They are the biggest champion of all time. A fight between these two is a very important part of boxing cause the game will decide so many things. It will give us a new champion of history cause one king will lose his kingdom and another will start ruling.

Freddie Roach
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In this tough hard situation, Fury needs the best trainer for his next fight with Wilder. And who else can win him the match except for Roach? So, that’s why Fury went to Roach and asked him to train for the Fury vs Wilder 3 event. And Roach welcomed Fury with a warm heart. So yeah, we will see once again Roach and Fury in the same team.

If these two teamed up together, they could bring down any man in the world. But Wilder isn’t just any man. He is the most furious boxer on the planet. So, the game will be the most exciting and thrilling match that anyone has ever see.

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The discussion between Roach and Fury and the history of Fury vs Wilder:

Fury vs Wilder 3 match is coming near every day and both players want themselves to be ready for this. For this upcoming event, Fury went to the Roach gym center in California. There they talked and Fury expressed his desire that he wants Roach to train him for the big fight night. The news was confirmed by the Roach himself.

Roach said that “I had a couple of guys fighting in Vegas when Tyson was there. I ran into him between locker rooms.” Then Tyson said to him, “Hey Freddie, are you still going to train me?” And Roach reply “Tyson, anytime you want, you know where my gym is, you are always welcome.”

Freddie Roach also added, “Fury is a nice guy, a good person, a good fighter. I was picking him to win that fight. I see him as one of the best heavyweights. He trains hard, he’s big, he’s a good puncher.”

This match will be the third bout between Fury and Wilder. In their first contest, the results come out as a draw. In the rematch Fury won against Wilder. And the third match is here. Fury vs Wilder 3 will take place on October 9. It was first scheduled for July 24 but the rumors came out that, Fury is Covid-19 positive.

Anyway, this time Fury will protect his WBC title against Wilder once again. And this game is a great opportunity for Wilder to take his revenge. All the fans are looking forward to this game and also wishing for Roach and Fury’s partnership.


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