Anna Cathcart Health: What Disease Does Xo Kitty Star Has?

There has been considerable concern about Anna Cathcart health. Does the “XO, Kitty” star suffer from any kind of health problems? Let’s find it out.

American rom-com drama XO, Kitty fans need no introduction to the name Anna Cathcart. The young actress, who first landed the television role at age 11, has already built an impressive resume.

The hit series she starred in include To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, Odd Squad, Descendants, and  Zoe Valentine.

The Canadian actress has been in the limelight for starring in the now-streaming Netflix series XO, Kitty. The Vancouver-born star is widely recognized for portraying Kitty Covey in the Netflix series To All the Boys I’ve Loved and its spinoff.

Anna Cathcart Health 2023: What Disease Does XO Kitty Cast Have?

No. Anna Cathcart has no disease or illness. There has not been any official report about the matter. In addition, the young actress hasn’t shared anything related to her health issue.

Thus, we assume Cathcart is in good health and enjoying her life to the fullest. Moreover, considering the Odd Squad star’s standing in the film industry, if she has any illness, it is unlikely that there will be no trace.

With the release of XO Kitty, Anna Cathcart’s career jumped to the next level. She is the center of the spinoff series of the hit “To All the Boys” franchise.

The outstanding young actress, whose career is just getting started, is ideally suited to reprise the role of the teen matchmaker in the spinoff series.

Cathcart grew up watching comedies on the Disney Channel. However, she was not just watching the shows. She said it was her acting classes.

“I’ve never really attended acting classes… and that’s where I got my coaching and acting ideas, just from watching so much TV,” she explained.

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Cathcart also revealed that she had developed her acting abilities due to all the hours she had spent watching the Disney Channel and daydreaming about being on TV.

Anna Cathcart Family And Origin

Born on 15 June 2003, Anna Cathcart is one of two children of her parents, Jaime and Mamie Cathcart. Her siblings, an elder sister, Sara Cathcart, is five years older than her.

Many people ask if the XO Kitty star is Chinese. Cathcart is Canadian but has Chinese ancestry. Her mother is half-Chinese. But, from her father’s side, the gorgeous actress has Irish origin.

Talking about her education, the star is attending the University of British Columbia and majoring in both sociology and creative writing.

Anna Cathcart with her parents, Jaime and Mamie Cathcart, and her elder sister, Sara Cathcart.

The profession of Anna Cathcart’s parents is unknown. Moreover, her elder sister, Sara, is a co-founder of Chatterbox, a clothing brand that aims to bring people together by starting a talk.

The Cathcart family shares a close-knitted bond with one another. Also, the young actress is not shy about sharing her affection for her parents on social media.

The picture-perfect family attended the “XO, Kitty” premiere together. The actress’ mom, dad, and elder sister must be proud of her.

To conclude, Anna Cathcart doesn’t have any illness. Her career jumped to the next level with the release of her recent series. We wish the ‘XO, Kitty’ actress a more prosperous and joyful time in the coming days.

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