Barcelona Jordi Alba Tattoo Meaning And Design: Hair Transplant Update

Football fanatics are searching for Jordi Alba tattoo as Barcelona announced to end of the contract of the noted defender at the end of the season.

Jordi Alba, full name Jordi Alba Ramos, is a Spanish professional football player who primarily plays left-back.

In recent news, Alba, the left-back for Spain, has agreed to end his contract unilaterally, departing Barcelona one season early.

The Valencia native, joining the team in 2012, has won six La Liga championships, five Copa del Rey trophies, and the 2015 Champions League.

Alba made 458 appearances for the Catalan club, including 29 this year as Barca won La Liga.

Along with Jordi Alba, Sergio Busquets, the club captain, will depart this summer.

After the news of Alba’s departure from Barcelona hit the Internet, Lionel Messi sent a farewell message to his close friend.

Messi, who had a strong bond with Alba both on and off the field, expressed his admiration for their relationship and wished him success in his future endeavors.

The message, shared on social media, conveyed Messi’s support for Alba and his family while expressing gratitude for their time together.

The speculation of Alba, Messi, and Busquets joining forces in Saudi Arabia next season seems unlikely, and the destinations for the three players remain uncertain.

Barcelona Jordi Alba Tattoo Meaning And Design

Alba made his way through the ranks and progressed into his first-team debut for Barcelona in 2009 under the management of Pep Guardiola.

After impressing in the Barcelona B team, Alba was loaned out to Valencia for the 2010-2011 season, where he gained valuable experience and further honed his skills.

When he returned to Barcelona, he was soon a regular starter for the first squad and formed a deadly left side partnership with Lionel Messi.

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During his time at Barcelona, Alba has been integral to the team’s success, winning numerous domestic and international titles.

Alba’s attacking instincts, speed, and defensive capabilities make him a crucial component of Barcelona’s playing style.

Barcelona Jordi Alba: Hair Transplant Update

Jordi Alba opted for a hair transplant in September 2020 when he tackled his hair loss through surgery after the season ended.

After his fresh look, the Spanish defender returned to Barcelona training, showing hair transplanted at the receding sides.

According to Marca, the 31-year-old opted for the procedure to combat his recent hair loss. The media further specified that he focused on the front part of his hairline.

In September 2020, Jordi Alba went for a hair transplant during the off-season

It is normal for footballers to undergo hair transplants, with many figures like Wayne Rooney, David Silva, and Antonio Conte having carried out similar procedures.

In addition to his new look, Alba had reason to celebrate that summer as he passed his driving test at 31.

His Barcelona and Spanish national teammate, Gerard Pique, playfully mocked him for being unable to drive himself.

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