Basketball: Does Mike James Have Brother? Siblings Details

Mike James holds fond memories of his brother, Bryan, and cherishes the special bond they shared throughout their lives.

Michael Perry James is a renowned American basketball player competing for AS Monaco Basket in the LNB Pro A and the EuroLeague. 

He gained recognition at Grant High School in Portland as a remarkable basketball talent. 

In addition to his impressive basketball career, Michael Perry James has garnered considerable attention and interest, leaving fans and followers curious about various aspects of his life.

While his achievements on the court have been well-documented, there is a particular intrigue surrounding his personal life, specifically regarding the existence of a sibling.

Many people are eager to delve into the details and uncover whether or not Mike James has a brother.

Does Mike James Have A Brother?

Mike James did have a half-brother named Bryan. They shared a close bond during their childhood. 

This Instagram post serves as a touching tribute from Mike James to his late half-brother Bryan.

However, tragically, Bryan passed away two years ago. This loss profoundly impacted Mike, as he expressed his deep love for his brother in a heartfelt tribute shared on his Instagram account.

Mike James shared a unique and cherished bond with his half-brother, Bryan.

Growing up together, they developed a close relationship beyond blood ties. 

Despite not being biological brothers, their connection was strong and meaningful. They shared experiences, laughter, and the ups and downs of life.

The loss of Bryan profoundly impacted Mike, reminding him of the precious moments they had shared and the irreplaceable bond they had formed.

What Happened To Mike James Brother Bryan?

The exact reason behind the death of Mike James’s brother, Bryan, remains unknown.

Through an Instagram post, Mike James paid tribute to his late half-brother, Bryan.

In the post, Mike reflects on their relationship, emphasizing that their bond was strong and meaningful despite not being blood-related. 

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He mentions that their connection was established when their parents married 20 years ago.

Mike expresses his surprise and admiration when Bryan’s mother informs him that Bryan looks up to him. In reality, Mike confesses that he was the one who always admired and looked up to Bryan. 

He highlights Bryan’s positive qualities, such as his infectious smile, ability to make friends easily, and genuine care for the world around him.

The post concludes with Mike expressing his love for Bryan and how he will always hold a special place in his heart.

Mike James’ Parents: Who Are They?

Mike James’s mother, Lisa Behrndt, has been a strong presence and raised him as a single parent. However, the identity of his biological Father remains unknown.

Picture of Mike Parents, Lisa And Stephen Behrndt.

Mike James was raised primarily by his mother, Lisa Behrndt, as a single parent.

He has a step-father named Stephen Behrndt, with whom Lisa shares a loving and enduring relationship. 

When Mike was just eleven years old, his mother married a man named Stephen Behrndt.

Lisa and Stephen frequently express their love and joy for each other on social media, often sharing pictures that capture their cherished moments, including the time spent with their grandchildren.

On February 10, 2023, Lisa took to her Facebook wall to celebrate their twenty-two anniversary and expressed that marrying Stephen was her best decision ever.

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