Calvin Varnum Death And Obituary: 72 Years Old Shot To Death

People are eager to know more about Calvin Varnum Death And Obituary: 72 Years Old Shot To Death

A sad event happened when Calvin Varnum, who was 72 years old, was shot and passed away. This has made the community very sad. Something happened in Commerce, Georgia, and people are surprised and upset about it.

Many people liked Calvin because he was always friendly and smiled. He died too soon, and people who knew him felt sad. The Police are looking into the violent incident while the people in the area gather to honor Calvin Varnum. He was a beloved person who made everyone happy.

Calvin Varnum Death: who was Calvin Varnum?

Calvin Varnum was well-liked in Commerce, Georgia. He was 72 years old, and people liked him because he was friendly, nice, and had a smile that made others smile too. Calvin, who had unique requirements, impacted many individuals with his authentic happiness and affection for people.

People in Commerce recognized him because he walked around town and greeted everyone he saw. Calvin always greeted people with a smile and a wave, whether at Hardee’s after breakfast or at the intersection of CVS. Kids in the area enjoyed saying hi to him, and he made everyone he met feel happier.

Calvin Varnum Death: Calvin Varnum, a beloved 72-year-old in Commerce, Georgia, was known for his kindness and contagious smile. His tragic death has deeply saddened the community. (Source: Wsbtv)

People in the community felt very happy and hopeful when Calvin was around. He united individuals, disseminating optimism and recalling them of the uncomplicated joys in existence. He was very friendly and kind, which made people happy when they met him.

Sadly, Calvin’s life ended abruptly due to a violent act that didn’t make sense. The community was left in shock and wondering why someone would hurt such a kind person. The community will feel Calvin Varnum’s absence.

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People who knew him will miss him. People will always remember him as a special person who made them happy, and they will feel sad that he is gone.

How did Calvin Varnum Die?

Calvin Varnum died because of a violent act that had no reason. Calvin, 72 years old, got shot outside a Hardee’s restaurant on Homer Road in Commerce, Georgia, on a Sunday morning. His death has upset the community, and many are wondering why someone would do something so terrible.

According to reports from the Commerce Police Department, Calvin was standing on the sidewalk in front of the restaurant when a suspect approached him in a dark blue Dodge Journey. They talked, and suddenly, the suspect shot Calvin many times without provocation.

Calvin Varnum Death: Calvin Varnum, 72, was shot outside a Hardee’s in Commerce, Georgia, in a senseless act of violence.

Even though something terrible happened, a kind person who was there quickly helped Calvin by giving him CPR. After that, quick medical help took him to a hospital called Northeast Georgia Medical Center to try and save him. Unfortunately, even though they tried, Calvin couldn’t recover from his injuries and died soon after.

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